Dak Lak’s village chief dedicated to social work

(VOVWORLD) - Y Yoh Kbuor is the village chief of Kmrong Prong A village, in the Central Highlands city of Buon Ma Thuot. At the age of 80, he is still very active in social work.

Dak Lak’s village chief dedicated to social work  - ảnh 1Village chief Y Yoh Kbuor talks to a VOV reporter. (Photo: VOV)

Y Yoh Kbuor has been the vanguard in many patriotic emulation and cultural lifestyle movements and other social work in the locality.

Every evening, he goes from house to house to explain COVID-19 prevention and control and encourage villagers to contribute to the national COVID-19 vaccine fund.

“After listening to Mr. Y Yoh Kbuor’s instruction, my family now strictly follows regulations on pandemic prevention and control. We also have responded to the call to contribute to the national COVID-19 vaccine fund,” said Ms. H’O Kbuor in Kmrong Prong A village.

Kmrong Prong A village now has about 550 households with a population of 2,200 people, most of whom are of the Ede ethnic group.

Thanks to the village chief’s efforts, many sets of gongs, traditional brocades and costumes, and communal houses are being preserved. Y Yoh Kbuor has also made local people aware of the schemes of hostile forces and unite to maintain social order.

“I am very happy that everyone in the village is following local authorities’ regulations. We also encourage local people to maintain traditional values and culture, including rituals to worship or pray for health,” he said.

Dak Lak’s village chief dedicated to social work  - ảnh 2Village chief Y Yoh Kbuor meets a local woman. (Photo: VOV) 

Mr. Bui Van Huong, an official in charge of cultural affairs in Ea Tu commune, Buon Ma Thuot city, said Y Hoh Kbuor has made a great contribution to social work in 30 years of working for the Fatherland Front. As Chairman of the Village Chiefs Council, he has helped to promote the role of each village chief, Huong said.

“The Village Chiefs Council has encouraged local people to stay away from social evils, strictly follow regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control, and take action to preserve cultural values and maintain social order,” she added.