Doctor Luan Thanh Truong leaves city for island

(VOVworld) – To work and live in a major city like HCM city is the dream of many people. But Doctor Luan Thanh Truong, who was born in HCM city, has chosen to work on the city’s outskirts, where local life is difficult. Hieu Hien reports:

Doctor Luan Thanh Truong leaves city for island - ảnh 1

Can Gio district is far from the city center and surrounded by dense mangrove forests. It takes an hour to travel from the city center to Can Gio and an additional 45 minutes by boat to reach Thach An island commune where Doctor Truong has been working as head of the Thach An clinic for years. Local residents have many good things to say about Doctor Truong. Nguyen Thi Le of Thach Hoa hamlet said: “Doctor Truong has cured many of our diseases so we don’t have to go to the mainland. We all love him for his kindness. I once had a fibroma and did not have enough money for surgery and Doctor Truong gave me 50 USD. We feel secure in his presence.”

People in Thach An depend largely on fishing and salt making. Hard labor and a difficult livelihood have affected their health. Doctor Truong has treated many poor, frequently sick people free of charge and even given them money. He has been helping an old poor blind woman in Thach An commune. Do Thi No, owner of a food shop where doctor Truong reserves daily meals for the blind woman, said: “Doctor Truong has been very kind to her. He orders food for her every day. He often gives money to poor families and patients who need to go to a higher-level hospital.”

Truong even served as a midwife when there wasn’t one in the clinic a couple of years ago and he handles 5-10 deliveries a year. Truong worked in Ly Nhon commune for 4 years before he moved to Thach An and has been here for more than 10 years. During those years he was offered jobs in the city center but he decided to stay to help the locals because of their affection for him and their difficult circumstances. Truong said: “I would not be able to do my work without community support. Curing the patients gives me peace of mind. I’ve been considering higher education but in the meantime I will stay to help as many poor people as I can.”

Le Thanh Van, vice chairman of the Thach An People’s Committee, said: “Doctor Truong is professionally and morally sound. His service is much appreciated, contributing significantly to our public healthcare system.”

Truong’s dedication and kindness have won him the locals’ respect and trust.