Meritorious teacher Vo Ngoc Thu, one for all

(VOVworld) – With 37 years in her teaching career, the head of the Education and Training department of HCM city’s district 5, meritorious teacher Vo Ngoc Thu, has always tried to improve the quality of teaching and learning in school. She has proposed many innovative models to create a friendly learning environment for students. My Dung reports:

Meritorious teacher Vo Ngoc Thu, one for all - ảnh 1

Teacher Thu has worked in many places but Minh Dao elementary school where she was principal is perhaps the place where she left the deepest impression. There she created many models to motivate teachers and students, which were quickly applied to all elementary schools in the district. Thu created favorable conditions for young students to make the most of their ability. Child care assistant Nguyen Thi Hoa Phuong said she never thought an unskilled child care assistant would have the ability to promote herself. But when teacher Thu became principal, she encouraged the school’s child care assistants to study to improve their skills. Phuong has obtained a bachelor degree and in addition to providing childcare she is now also a librarian and head of the school’s Trade Union. Phuong says: “Principal Thu always tried to narrow the gap between teachers and child care assistants by encouraging us to study to improve our knowledge.”

Thu was like a mother to her students. One of her former students Nguyen Thi Kim Chi, an officer of the HCM city University of Economics, says: “Teacher Thu’s lessons inspired us with her enthusiasm and she loved us a lot. We learned a lot from her enthusiasm and energy.”

What Thu’s colleagues admire most about her is her strong will. Many thought she would collapse when she found out she had cancer while struggling with many problems at work. But her strong passion for her work and her strong will has overcome all hurdles. Now that Thu is about to retire, she is still thinking of ways to improve teaching and learning. Thu says: “I hope that those who choose to be teachers will care more about students in difficult circumstances. These students will remember them when they grow up.”

Teacher Thu has contributed significantly to improving teaching and learning at Minh Dao elementary school and at schools throughout the entire district.