Young doctor follows President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example

(VOVWORLD) - Doctor Kim Phuc Thanh of Thu Duc district hospital in Ho Chi Minh city is known for his enthusiasm and dedication at work. This young doctor always takes the lead in expertise as well as in volunteer movements. 
Young doctor follows President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example - ảnh 1Doctor Kim Phuc Thanh is active in voluntary movements.  

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in March, Ho Chi Minh City set up the Can Gio COVID-19 Treatment Hospital and Dr.Thanh was appointed head of the hospital’s general planning division. Thanh was in charge of expertise, and arranging quarantining and treatment for COVID-19 patients.

For months, Thanh and his colleagues were kept busy providing treatment and keeping informed of COVID-19 epidemic developments. At the peak, the hospital was receiving30-40 COVID-19 cases per day. Thanh spent many sleepless nights treating patients and updating medical records.

For many patients Thanh was not only their doctor but also a friend who provided emotional support during their treatment.

“Not only I, but every doctor and nurse here is similarly dedicated. They are ready to serve the patients day or night in any circumstance. We are working for the health of the community,” said Thanh.

Young doctor follows President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example - ảnh 2Doctor Thanh takes care of patients even when he is not on duty. (File photo) 

After 16 COVID-19 patients were successfully treated and discharged, Can Gio district hospital suspended its operation, but Thanh stayed busy traveling around the district consulting on treatment, sharing his experience, and transferring techniques.

Doctor Nguyen Lan Anh, Deputy Head of the Thu Duc district hospital, said  Thanh is trusted by the hospital leaders because of his ability and expertise. The hospital sees 6,000-7,000 patients every day, putting heavy pressure on the staff. Thanh spent time here reviewing medical records, keeping the staff up-to-date on new COVID-19 developments, and providing treatment support.

Aside from his work at the hospital, Dr. Thành is known for his active involvement in charity examination and treatment programs.  He has traveled to remote areas to give free medical exams and treatment to orphans and disabled people.

“Thanh is a role model for others to follow. He inspires others to get involved in volunteer activities,” said Ms. Lan Anh. 

As busy as he is, Dr. Thanh still finds time for research on new treatment methods. In 2019, Thanh’s study of the relationship between kidney failure and fatality risk was widely praised and is now being applied at Thu Duc hospital.

Thanh received the Pham Ngoc Thach award for his work and was recently honored as an outstanding individual in studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example.

“I want to apply President Ho Chi Minh’s thought and teachings in practice. We should follow Uncle Ho’s moral example in our daily lives, such as by conserving electricity, water, and paper,” Thanh said.