Mekong Delta youth adds soul to rice paintings

(VOVWORLD) - Rice, a key staple in Vietnam, has found other purposes besides just being used as food. Khuu Tan Buu, a young man in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho, has been making rice paintings for the past few years. His works are now available in several countries.

Mekong Delta youth adds soul to rice paintings  - ảnh 1Khuu Tan Buu works on his rice painting.

Khuu Tan Buu was born in 1995 and began his rice painting business after graduation in 2016. He is now able to dye rice grains in 120 colors using only vegetables. Buu organized an exhibition called “Love for rice grains” in June last year.

“I intend to establish a rice painting craft village where I can pass the trade to other people and promote tourism. Visitors will see artisans’ work, make rice paintings by themselves, and enjoy local food. My paintings have been exported to Australia and France,” said Buu.

Mekong Delta youth adds soul to rice paintings  - ảnh 2Khuu Tan Buu (first, left) instructs his students on how to make rice paintings.

Buu’s paintings feature a variety of themes like flowers, folk games, European culture and places of interest around Vietnam. He now employs 9 students who earn several hundred USD per month.

“I’ve been learning how to make rice paintings from Mr. Buu for 6 months. The craft requires meticulousness, skills, and creativity. The more I learn the more I’m interested in his paintings,” said Thach Kim Ngan, a student at Nam Can Tho University

Buu has established the MTV Khuu Tan Buu company, trademarked G.A.O. His rice paintings are rated as a 4-star “One Commune One Product” by Can Tho authorities. 

Mekong Delta youth adds soul to rice paintings  - ảnh 3Buu's rice paintings are ready for the 2021 Lunar New Year Festival. 

“Buu is a shining example in our city’s startup movement. We have established an innovative startup club and an online youth startup club. Buu’s success has motivated young people to venture in startups,” said Huynh Thai Nguyen, Deputy Secretary of the Can Tho Youth Union, who helped Buu’s startup business.

Buu is focusing on products to welcome the 2021 lunar new year. His upcoming rice paintings feature parallel sentences, calligraphy, and spring flowers.