Summer theatrical programs for children

(VOVWORLD) - Theaters and art organizations nationwide have produced attractive and meaningful artistic programs for children during the summer holiday. These programs are not just entertaining but also of great educational values.
Summer theatrical programs for children - ảnh 1A scene in “The Emperor’s New Clothes” play by the Vietnam National Drama Theater in Hanoi (photo: Vietnam National Drama Theater)

The Vietnam National Drama Theater in Hanoi has organized a special art series themed “Magical Journey”, which includes three plays: “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, “Return of the Dragon Gods”, and “The Super Hero Squad”.

The play “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, which is adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, stages witty situations and educational elements through dramatic performance, pantomime, dancing, singing, music, and light effects. The play conveys a message of honesty in life.

Director of the Vietnam National Drama Theater, People’s Artist Xuan Bac, said: “Andersen’s fairy tales have charmed children around the world. We invited Japanese Director Hiroyuki Muneshige to produce the play in about 2 months. The delivery of the story is contemporary and not boring for children because the director has combined dancing, choreography, mime, music, and light shows which are specific and stylized to attract children to the story.”

The Vietnam Circus Federation staged the circus play “Dream of the Fairy Age” which consists of three scenes: “Childhood Memories”, “Hard Struggle”, and “Future Light”. The performance takes the children to a dream world to interact with their favorite super heroes. It employs themes of courage, solidarity, and combined strength to overcome difficulties, fight evil, protect justice, and protect people.

Summer theatrical programs for children - ảnh 2Director of the Vietnam National Drama Theater, People’s Artist Xuan Bac

The Youth Theater entertains the audience with a series of plays such as “The story of the seagull and the cat who taught her to fly”, “The Goblin Child”, “The Swans” and the new play “Elsa’s Party” directed by Tran Le Chien.

Head of the Music and Dance Troupe of the Youth Theater, Meritorious Artist Le Anh Tuyet, said: “For children, a musical always has its own attraction. A musical conveys clear messages and entertains children with song and dance. Humorous and fun stories with educational value are staged through songs, dance, and dramatic scenes to stimulate children’s creativity and discovery as well as inspire their dreams.”

Many theaters in Ho Chi Minh City have been launching unique and lively art programs and plays to attract children during the summer.

Since May 23, the Hong Hac Stage has performed the play “My Little Angel” by director-screenwriter Viet Linh. It is adapted from a much longer story with the same name by writer Nguyen Nhat Anh.

Since April, IDECAF Drama Theater launched the program “Once Upon a Time 35”, with the main play being “The Adventures of Sinbad – Legend of the Magic Eye”. The 17 shows in May were packed with audiences. 16 shows  will be staged at the theater in June.

Ban Mai Stage and San Khau Nho (Little Theater) are familiar venues for children in the summer. Director of the San Khau Nho Theater, People’s Artist My Uyen, said: “Performances for children during the summer left a deep impression on both parents and children. The parents like it very much because a simple story conveys deep educational meaning and the adults are happy if they can do this for their children.”

Besides fun and laughter, the summer theatrical performances have inspired children to the value of solidarity, team spirit, and a sense of self-improvement to overcome challenges and honor the importance of the family relationship.

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