Veteran journalist Phan Quang, subject of new book

(VOVWORLD) - The Voice of Vietnam has published a book entitled “Phan Quang – 90-year life, 70-year career” about the talented veteran journalist, who is a former Voice of Vietnam (VOV) Director General and Editor-in-Chief. 

Veteran journalist Phan Quang, subject of new book - ảnh 1The book “Phan Quang – 90-year life, 70-year career” is a gift to the former VOV Director General and Editor-in-Chief (Photo: Duc Anh/VOV5)

The tribute to Phan Quang was compiled by Associate Professor Nguyen Thi Truong Giang, head of the Radio and TV Department of the Academy of Journalism and Communication. Ms. Giang said: “The book includes articles by and about Phan Quang, a total of 99 articles, starting with one written in 1987 by noted poet Che Lan Vien and ending with an article written by Ho Quang Loi, just last week. The number 99 represents luck and prosperity, not the total number of articles written about Phan Quang’s life and career.”

Veteran journalist Phan Quang, subject of new book - ảnh 2 Journalist Phan Quang at the launch of the book (Photo: Duc Anh/VOV5)

The veteran journalist often receives acclaims from Vietnamese authors. Journalist Bui Hoang Tam, who works for Dan Tri newspaper, said: “I knew Mr. Phan Quang because he translated the famous collection of Middle East folk tales “A thousand and one Arabian nights”, which I loved very much when I was little. I worked for the Journalists and Public Opinions newspaper, Quang was Chairman of the Vietnam Journalists Association, so he was familiar to me. He is, for me, an inspiring example and teacher of journalism. Whenever he published a book, he gave me an autographed copy.”

Journalist Hoang Tung, who was Quang’s boss at the Nhan Dan newspaper, said Quang was one of the paper’s most-travelled and most-prolific journalists. He rode a bicycle through the heavy US bombardment of Hanoi to gather news for his reports.

Retired journalist Truong Cong Hoa has compared Phan Quang to a giant poplar: “Quang has many readers, including readers who have read and collected his works for decades. It’s fitting for a journalist like Phan Quang to have his friends publish a book about him. He is like a big poplar full of vitality growing in a sandy hill.”

Veteran journalist Phan Quang, subject of new book - ảnh 3VOV leaders and delgates pose for a photo with Phan Quang (Photo: Duc Anh/VOV5) 

At the age of 90, Phan Quang remains passionate about the progress of the Voice of Vietnam. He said:“I spent a part of my life, though not very long, working for the Voice of Vietnam. Radio will never lose its position in today’s mass media, but it must reform itself and adapt to new trends.”

The book “Phan Quang – 90-year life, 70-year career” respectfully salutes the veteran journalist, who once said: “That I write means that I exist.”  

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