Vietnam’s first private IT museum inspires young generation

(VOVWORLD) - Vietnam’s first information technology museum was established by Doctor Nguyen Chi Cong, former Head of the Department of Science and Technology under the Vietnam Information Technology Association. The museum is not just an exhibition of objects but also a venue for those who are interested in the IT sector. 
Vietnam’s first private IT museum inspires young generation  - ảnh 1

Vietnam’s first private IT museum was set up by Doctor Nguyen Chi Cong (Photo: VOV)

The museum was inaugurated in January in Hanoi. Mr. Nguyen Chi Cong built the museum in his 25 meter-square garage, displaying photos and objects featuring the IT development in Vietnam and the world. It took Cong more than 40 years to design and collect documents and objects for display. Cong said: “The museum was built in the garage to recall people of the American IT legendary figure Bill Gates who started his business in a garage. On the left side of the museum is a wallboard summarizing the history of the IT development. Below the board are printers, scanners, keyboards, fax machines, memory storage, and tapes which had been used in Vietnam’s national defense industry. More than 300 items are now on display at this small museum.”

The museum has attracted lots of young people who are passionate about IT. It is also a venue for extra-curricular activities.  A teacher from FPT university said: “At the museum, I learn a lot about Vietnam’s IT development, especially in the context of 4.0 industrial revolution. It also gives us a view of the future of the IT development”.

Vietnam’s first private IT museum inspires young generation  - ảnh 2

 The IT museum will apply 3D technology, so people can see it online

(Photo: house3D)

Doctor Nguyen Chi Cong worked in the IT field for more than 40 years. He did research and helped produce the first computers in Vietnam and in Asia back in 1977. After his retirement, Cong opened the IT museum where he is also a guide. Cong said: “I want to call on the young people to live like our generation did. They should be creative and find their own way. They shouldn’t stop learning as IT develops quickly”.