Young people of Ho Chi Minh City aspire to rise and shine

(VOVWORLD) - Ho Chi Minh city is taking the lead in many of Vietnam’s development movements and a place where Vietnamese youth’s dream comes true. Inheriting the enthusiasm from their predecessors and embracing the aspiration to progress, young people in Ho Chi Minh City are contributing substantially to the city’s development and to Vietnam’s prosperity in general.
Young people of Ho Chi Minh City aspire to rise and shine - ảnh 1Tran Dang Van Tai aids the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic as soon as he finishes the high school graduation exam. (Photo: Tran Dang Van Tai)

In his testament, President Ho Chi Minh said morality and professional competence are the key qualifications he always wanted to see in each young Vietnamese person, the builders of Vietnam’s socialist state. His teaching is embedded in the minds of all Ho Chi Minh City’s youth. Their contributions to the city’s construction and defense have been highlighted in every page of its history.

During the war time, young locals protested against war, colonialism, and imperialism. Their movement “Sing for my fellow countrymen” fueled the burning fire in their heart to fight for national independence. When Vietnam was liberated, that youthful enthusiasm was infused into those involved in production, land reclamation, economic zone construction, transport infrastructure upgrade, national sovereignty protection, and international missions. Young citizens of Ho Chi Minh City were the pioneers in entrepreneurship, which has attained enormous, historic achievements in the “Doi Moi” (Renewal) period. 

Young people of present-day Ho Chi Minh City are the initiators of nation-wide volunteer and the trailblazers of social activities from the grassroots to the central level. Whatever job they do, they always feel the urge to contribute to Ho Chi Minh City’s development.

Associate Professor Doctor Le Minh Triet of the Sai Gon University and Lieutenant Le Hao of the Ho Chi Minh City High Command are two of the 14 outstanding young city residents in 2021.

Triet said, “As a teacher and a manager, I will strive to always set an example for my students to be a part of this city’s development.”

“I always try my best to complete my missions. I do it from my heart. I don’t ever expect any rewards in return,” said Hao. 

When Ho Chi Minh City was ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was them, the young people, who shouldered most of the burdens and guided the city through that severity. Their selfless devotion on all fronts won local people’s love and respect.  

18-year-old Tran Dang Van Tai, who was honored for his engagement in pandemic prevention and control, told VOV, “I did my part because I wanted to help the medical staff and front-line workers. I was over the moon when I was named an outstanding youth of Ho Chi Minh City. This is a great source of encouragement for me to learn and work harder.”     

Hundreds of thousands of Ho Chi Minh City’s young volunteers in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic have testified to their responsibility and love for their hometown.

Young people of Ho Chi Minh City aspire to rise and shine - ảnh 2Phan Van Mai, Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh municipal People’s Committee

Phan Van Mai, Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh municipal People’s Committee, said, “With an aspiration to do more for Vietnam and its people, the young people in Ho Chi Minh city have demonstrated their courage and creativity, be it in study, production, or defense."

Mr. Mai recalled, "We will forever remember the health workers in white blouses working round the clock to save lives; the social workers caring for the vulnerable; the young entrepreneurs spending day and night researching new products to aid the fight; the artists singing their hearts out to keep negativity at bay; the soldiers helping locals arrange their lives amid adversities and, at the same time, ensuring social security order; the volunteers caring for patients at field hospitals; and all other unnamed contributors who kept us going as a society during the darkest time.”           

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