Alexander Dang may get no chance to represent Vietnam

(VOVWORLD) - In a quick interview on Tuesday, Park Hang-seo talked about the possibility of Alexander Dang joining the Vietnam national team.
Alexander Dang may get no chance to represent Vietnam - ảnh 1

Alexander Dang is playing in the Norwegian League Tippeligaen. Park travelled to Norway in May to meet the player.

But the visit appeared to have been a dead end, Coach Park says he will keep scouting.

Vietnam lacks a center striker with an independent fighting capability, fans saw potential in Alexander Dang. But coach Park seems to doubt Dang’s chance to make the Vietnam national team.

 “I think Alexander Dang won’t help Vietnam. First, it’s not the right time. Second, he would face language difficulty. I think we shouldn’t expect too much from him,” said Park.

Dang’s chance of joining Vietnam’s national team is virtually nil. Filip Nguyen is anotehr prospect who is supposed to join the Vietnam national team as soon as he obtains Vietnamese citizenship.