Hanoi FC captain: Hanoi is determined to make history

(VOVWORLD) - Hanoi FC captain Van Quyet said his club will try to beat North Korea’s April 25 club in the first leg of the AFC Cup 2019 inter-zonal final to secure a triple title this year.
Hanoi FC captain: Hanoi is determined to make history - ảnh 1

Earlier, Hanoi FC successfully defended their V-League championship by defeating SLNA.

April 25 has scored 12 goals and conceded only one in their last three matches. This is the third time the club has reached the AFC Cup inter-regional final.

“My team are looking forward to a triple title this year. We got our first 2018 title in the V-League and are now focusing on the AFC Cup and the National Cup. This is a successful run for Hanoi FC. This is the fifth time we have topped the V-League, an achievement no other V-League club has made,” Van Quyet told AFC.

“I think the AFC Cup final will an historic milestone in Vietnamese football. The National Cup is also important because Hanoi FC has never won that title,” Van Quyet added.

“The match against April 25 will be the most important of the whole season for Hanoi FC. I hope the entire team will stay focused eniugh to win.”

During the AFC Cup 2019, Van Quyet has scored 6 goals.

“I am very proud to score for the team at important times but I would have never been able to do that without my teammates,” said Quyet.

Hanoi FC will host April 25 at Hang Day Stadium at 7pm on Wednesday.