“Traditional Tet” exhibition revitalizes old Tet customs

(VOVWORLD) - An exhibition depicting Vietnam’s traditional Tet has opened at the National Archives Centre.
“Traditional Tet” exhibition revitalizes old Tet customs - ảnh 1Displaying calligraphy works at home during Tet is an old customs. (photo: VOV)

Dang Thanh Tung, Director of the Department of State Records and Archives said the exhibition recreates the space of a traditional Vietnamese traditional lunar new year through archived documents.

“Tet is an important celebration of the Vietnamese people. It’s a time for people to remember and pay tribute to the merits of their ancestors. It’s important to uphold national traditions and remind the young generation of their ancestors’ merits and sacrifice,” Tung said.

The exhibition revitalizes Tet activities such as eating, worshipping, and sightseeing habits. Associate Professor, Doctor Nguyen Van Huy, former Director of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, said: “The exhibition gives us a comparison of the old Tet and temporary Tet during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through time and social developments, Tet has changed a lot, but the core values of Tet have been maintained. For example, on the 23rd day of the 12thlunar month, we hold a ritual to see off the Kitchen Gods to depart for the Heaven. On the New Year’s Eve, family members gather at home and during Tet we worship our ancestors.”

The exhibition will close on March 15.

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