Vietnam seeks to revive tourism, focuses on domestic market

(VOVWORLD) -Officials and experts met on Saturday in Hoi An city to discuss ways to revive Vietnam’s tourism, which has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and saw only 3.7 million foreign visitors this year. 
Vietnam seeks to revive tourism, focuses on domestic market - ảnh 1

The National Tourism Conference themed "Links, action and development"

(Photo: BNEWS /VNA)

Tran Trong Kien, a member of the Economic Advisory Team of the Prime Minister, said the current solution should focus on the domestic market, where the disease is well controlled in the community.

“Efforts should be made to stimulate domestic tourism demand, ensure safe travel for Vietnamese, reduce unnecessary costs, and reduce all costs by 50% until the end of 2021. The message "Vietnam is safe, travel is patriotic" needs to be disseminated widely to the public. Cultural and sport events should be strengthened, especially in big cities to attract more domestic tourists,” Mr. Kien said.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism offered many solutions, which encourage localities to develop new products and services, diversify and improve the quality of suitable products, promote public-private cooperation and regional linkage between localities and destinations. The Ministry recommended that the government continue to support the tourism industry, businesses and workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, boost public investment in infrastructure such as airports and seaports, invest in cultural works, ecological parks, and advertise tourism.

Nguyen Ngoc Thien, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said, “In order to restore and promote tourism in the coming time, the tourism industry is determined to achieve dual goals, to safely prevent epidemics and to develop effective and sustainable tourism to make tourism a spearhead economic sector. It’s necessary to invest in product development, improve competitiveness for the tourism industry, restructure the travel market, regional connectivity, public-private partnership and digital transformation, and soon recover the growth momentum.”

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