Tho Xuan District leads Thanh Hoa province in new rural development programs

(VOVworld) –Located 50km to the west of Thanh Hoa City, Tho Xuan District is well-known as one of district in the province which has developed its society and economy, and gained new achievements in its agricultural and rural economies. Even more notable, after the new rural development program started three years ago, people’s standards of living have improved while the local political conditions and social security have remained stable. The initial results are creating favorable conditions for Tho Xuan to fulfill its goals for new rural development. VOV’s Vinh Phong reports.

Tho Xuan District leads Thanh Hoa province in new rural development programs  - ảnh 1
Lam Kinh vocational training college in Tho Xuan District provides training for nearly 1,000 rural laborers, 60% of them are ethnic minority people.

The new rural development has been implemented in 37 communes in Tho Xuan District where key officials have been trained in parallel with an increase in communications. To date, all communes in the district have been assessed for completing local real situations and master-planning on new rural development. 30 communes in Tho Xuan have now completed up to 8 norms of 19 national new criteria. Despite initial difficulties such as slow economic re-structuring, people’s low income, and restricted investment resources from the state budget, the new rural development process still achieved positive results. For example, more than 600 houses have been upgraded and newly built; 6 kilometers of irrigation canals and 100 kilometers of communal and inter-field roads have been constructed. Dozens of communal cultural houses and sports centers and classrooms have also been completed, according to Le Huy Hoang, Deputy Chairman of Tho Xuan District. Hoang says ‘The implementation of new rural development in communes usually adheres to national steering committee’s instructions and is made to all communes, public and people’s organizations. The most basic factor in the implementation process is to put an emphasis on communications so that villagers are aware of what new rural development is. After two years, the local citizens are enthusiastic and know they can rely on the Party and the Government’s mechanisms and policies. The motto ‘the people know, the people discuss, the people do, and the people benefit’ has offered us many favorable conditions to implement the program. Since the beginning of this year, the district has outlined procedures for communes to set out about 4 criteria on new rural development and to date, they have, for the most part, completed these norms.’

With the participation of all people in the commune, Tay Ho has underlined the importance of master-planning. Besides, practical ideas, members of the commune’s Steering Committee on new rural development have had study tours in other localities to gain experience. Then they discuss with local villagers each criterion, methods of implementation, means for their projects to be officially approved. Pham Van Tung, a villager in Tay Ho commune, says positive changes in culture, society, and economy have created consensus and enthusiasm for the local citizens. Tung notes ‘Over the past two years, the face of rural areas has been changing with improved economic situations and fluid circulation. For my family, life has been different both economically and culturally. We are participating in the so-called high yield fields for high quality product that help increase our earning by nearly 100 USD. We specialize in rice cultivation, pig and poultry breeding and are supported by bank loans for their production. The program has made our rural transportation more convenient, helped us to expand trading while the paving of inter-field roads and irrigation canals has made the field works easier.’

By 2015, Tho Xuan has set a target by 2015, 8 communes will complete the new rural development in pursuance to 19 criteria and more than 50% of the total communes by 2020. Le Huy Hoang, Deputy Chairman of Tho Xuan District, says ‘I think communications plays the most crucial role in new rural development. We should make them realize their responsibilities in the program and uphold democracy which will make people increase trust in the Party and Government. Finally, the new rural development program should involve all components of society to participate in.

To date, Tho Xuan has mobilized almost 24 million USD, 69% of which is from local villagers to build public works under new rural development program.

Vinh Phong