25 years of Ho Chi Minh Heritage Bookcase

(VOVWORLD) - The Youth Publishing House has celebrated the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Ho Chi Minh Heritage Bookcase with an exhibition of the Ho Chi Minh cultural space. The Ho Chi Minh Heritage Bookcase, which is a book program, was established in 1999 in response to the campaign "30 years of Implementing Uncle Ho's Testament".

25 years of Ho Chi Minh Heritage Bookcase - ảnh 1Publications of the Ho Chi Minh Heritage Bookcase (photo: VOV)

Over the last 25 years, the Ho Chi Minh Heritage Bookcase has regularly published new books about Ho Chi Minh Thought. So far 60 books have been published to help people study and follow President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example.

Doctor Quach Thu Nguyet, former Director of the Youth Publishing House and the founder of the Heritage Bookcase, said: “The book program, which is creative, cares for readers, and particularly introduces President Ho Chi Minh’s great legacy, will continue forever.”

The books in the series average 200 pages and are beautifully illustrated. There are books for pupils and students written in story form, such as “Students tell stories of Uncle Ho”, “Children are like buds on branches”, and “Letters to young people”.

25 years of Ho Chi Minh Heritage Bookcase - ảnh 2An exchange of writers at the 25th anniversary of the establishment  of the Ho Chi Minh Heritage Bookcase. (photo: VOV)

Nguyen Minh Hai, author of the book "Learning from Uncle Ho makes our heart purer", said it’s very difficult to write about Uncle Ho because there are already many books about him. He tries to isolate suitable topics for young readers.

Hai said: “We can learn many things from Uncle Ho, such as ideological issues or intimate, everyday things like gratitude and thrift practicing. These are universal issues. I write for myself as well as others.”

The Youth Publishing House has digitized and published e-books of all the publications of the Ho Chi Minh Heritage Bookcase. The book program has contributed to building the Ho Chi Minh Cultural Space, a key part of the project "Strategy on Ho Chi Minh City’s Cultural Development for the 2020-2035 period”.

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