Important milestones in Vietnam-Russia relations

(VOVWORLD) - Russian President Vladimir Putin begins a State visit to Vietnam on Wednesday at the invitation of General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong. The visit takes place on the 30th anniversary of the signing of the bilateral Treaty on Principles of Friendly Relations (June 16, 1994 – June 16, 2024). The visit conveys a strong message of mutual respect between the two countries and creates momentums to boost bilateral relations.

Important milestones in Vietnam-Russia relations - ảnh 1Russian President Vladimir Putin (photo: The Information and Press Office of the Russian President/TASS/VGP)

President Putin's State visit to Vietnam will deepen the Vietnam-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership in all fields, especially as the two countries are trying to realize the Joint Declaration on the Vision of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership until 2030.

Close friendship is the strong foundation for bilateral ties

Since diplomatic relations were established on January 30, 1950, the relationship between Vietnam and Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) has been firm and developed in all areas. Despite changes in political institutions, the two countries have always considered each other close partners and friends.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia Dang Minh Khoi said: “In the 75 years since the two countries established diplomatic relations and in the 25 years Vladimir Putin has been Russia’s President or Prime Minister, the Vietnam-Russia relationship has progressed strongly. But one thing that has not changed is the sincere friendship between their peoples. President Putin loves Vietnam very much.”

To create a new legal framework for Vietnam-Russia relations, the two countries signed the bilateral Treaty on Principles of Friendly Relations in 1994, affirming that their friendly relations are built on respect for each other’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, equality, and mutual benefit in line with international law. The Treaty was an important milestone in transforming bilateral relations into a strategic partnership and then to a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Nguyen Dang Phat, Secretary General of the Vietnam-Russia Friendship Association, said: “During President Putin's visit to Vietnam in 2001, the two countries signed a Strategic Partnership, the first Vietnam had signed with another country. In 2012, the relationship was upgraded to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, a mark of strong mutual trust. Vietnam and Russia have signed approximately 80 legal documents to build a foundation for developing bilateral relations.”

Important milestones in Vietnam-Russia relations - ảnh 2Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia Dang Minh Khoi (photo: VNA)

Boosting cooperation in the new situation

In the new context, based on good political relations, Vietnam and Russia have agreed to promote bilateral trade and investment ties. Cooperation in energy, oil, and gas continues to be a bright spot which should be further promoted. The two countries work closely in exploiting the Free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the Eurasian Economic Union while people-to-people exchanges are maintained as a foundation for bilateral relations.

Ambassador Dang Minh Khoi said: “Although Vietnam and Russia have many differences, people-to-people exchanges are always close and extremely warm. Few countries share a relationship as close, sustainable, sincere, and honest as that of Vietnam and Russia.”

During President Putin’s visit to Vietnam, the leaders of the two countries will discuss an orientation for the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership until 2030 and clearly identify key areas of cooperation. Long-term goals and specific action plans will be set out to ensure sustainable and effective development of bilateral relations in the future.

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