Attackers on social networks should be strictly punished

(VOVWORLD) - Last weekend, the Voice of Vietnam’s online newspaper (VOV.VN) was attacked and its content on Google and Facebook were spammed. These acts have affected security and safety of VOV’s digital platforms.
Attackers on social networks should be strictly punished - ảnh 1The article on

On Saturday, VOV’s online newspaper ran an article criticizing stories livestreamed on social networks in which users insulted organizations and individuals. The article was shared and supported by many readers who denounced the insults on social networks.

But VOV.VN was later attacked and all of its content on Google and Facebook, and the fanpages of the News and Current Affairs Department (VOV1), and the Culture-Society Department (VOV2) and VOVTV were spammed with threats and offending words.

The attackers also threatened and insulted the spouses of VOV.VN reporters by calling their phones, sending messages, and spamming on social networks.  Journalist Nguyen Thanh Loi, Editor in Chief of the Journalist Magazine, said this violation of the law is unacceptable.

'The social network carries personal information requiring users to have a certain awareness of what to post and how the posts affect the community and whether the posts violate Vietnamese law. Social network users have to decide how to use information shared on the social network and take responsibility for their participation in the cyber world.' said Loi.

Bui Thi An, Director of the Institute for Natural Resources, Environment, and Community Development, urged the Ministry of Information and Communications to deal strictly with law violators. Vietnam’s Constitution ensures the right to freedom of speech but requires responsibility on the part of the speakers, whose speech must be culturally compliant. Lawyer Nguyen Minh Tam, Vice Secretary General of the Vietnam Bar Federation, said cyber attacks against VOV’s online newspaper are antisocial and violations of the law. Any use of technical measures to hack or attack an online newspaper is a dangerous act. Nguyen Thanh Lam, Director of the Press Department of the Ministry of Information and Communications said the Ministry is working with relevant agencies to deal with the situation.

VOV’s online newspaper has worked with the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Information and Communications to deal with violations by extremists who deliberately attack the technical infrastructure of a national media institution.