Co To cleans the environment

(VOVWORLD) - The number of visitors to Co To island, Quang Ninh province has increased putting great pressure on the environment. Co To district has implemented measures to protect the sea and island environment to ensure sustainable tourism development.
Co To cleans the environment - ảnh 1

More than 17 tons of wastes are dumped on Co To island every day. The number increases to 30 tons during the tourism season. Only 5,000 people live on the island, but on peak days the locality receives 10,000 visitors who dump piles of wastes.

Several communications campaigns have been organized to warn tourists not to bring plastic bags to the island, distributed more than 10,000 environment friendly bags, and posted environmental rules on public transportation. The district has introduced plastic bag alternatives and asked merchants not to use disposable bags. 1,000 plastic baskets have been provided for shopping. The district is implementing a waste sorting project and carrying out communications campaigns and inspiring and empowering communities to clean up the environment on Sunday. The district has also strengthened waste treatment. Tran Nhu Long, Secretary of Co To district’s Party Committee, said: “We need waste treatment technology. The province has allowed us to apply new technology and build a new furnace and factory. Right now we treat waste water in each household. It would be more effective to collect the waste of 5-6 houses to one station for treatment. We are trying to limit the number of visitors to the island to no more than 5,000 people per day."

Co To island receives more than 300,000 visitors a year and the number of foreigners is steadily increasing .