“Ghen Cô Vy”, Vietnamese COVID-19 safety song goes viral

(VOVWORLD) -“Ghen Cô Vy”, a song about hand-washing to prevent the COVID-19 infection, went viral on social networks after it was featured on HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

“Ghen Cô Vy” is a song written by Khac Hung and sung by Min and Erik and choreographed by Quang Dang for a health project of the National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health. The song conveys a message of maintaining a clean environment, washing your hands properly, avoiding crowded places, and raising public awareness about the epidemic.  

When it appeared on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the song received lots of positive comments from people worldwide. The song can be seen on Youtube with MV lyrics and in animated version.  

Youtube account Metic loves its creativity and Vietnamese people’s effort to prevent the spread of the virus. Metic likes the melody and the meaningful message.

Account Estelle Xgli in France said it’s marvelous. She wishes her country had songs like that.

Another account loves the song and Erik and Min and hopes the virus will be eliminated soon. Some people suggested that subtitles be created in other languages, such as French, Italian, and Spanish. 

Not only has the song gone viral in Vietnam, but international media have also picked up on it. Billboard Magazine said “Vietnam’s catchy coronavirus song will likely be stuck in your head all day. The animation is fascinating.”

The MV lyrics has more than 1.4 million views while the animation version records nearly 1 million views.