Helping SMEs realize their business ideas

(VOVWORLD) - World Intellectual Property Day on April 26, 2021 has adopted the theme “Intellectual property and small businesses: Taking big ideas to market” to honor and encourage SMEs to bring intellectual assets to market. Vietnam has decided to focus resources on helping businesses turn innovative ideas into production and sales.
Helping SMEs realize their business ideas - ảnh 1Thuan Huong 5-color noodles

Dao Thi Huong, President of a noodle cooperative in Bac Giang province, says the Cooperative has 10 product lines, including its popular 5-color noodle. Its products are made from aromatic rice, vegetables, roots, and fruits all grown under the VietGap standards. Production and packaging procedures meet international standards of hygiene.   

Thuan Huong 5-color noodles are widely sold in Vietnam and are now exported to Japan.

Huong says the Cooperative is seeking trademark and brand protection for their 5-color noodle, expanding production, and increasing investment in production technology.

“We want to expand our production, at the request of our Japanese partners, to include organic production and net houses. We hope to have the authority’s support for exporting our products.”

Thuan Huong’s Noodle Cooperative is one of just a few Vietnamese SMEs registering for trademark and brand protection in the domestic and foreign markets. Experts say intellectual property rights protection will encourage technology transfer, help businesses control their assets, and protect them from competitors.

Dinh Huu Phi, Director of the Intellectual Property Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said, “We’ll take steps to help SMEs protect their intellectual property, including setting up invention and trademark registration. We’ll conduct communications activities and training for SMEs on registration procedures.”

A key component of the National Strategy on Intellectual Property to 2030 is to promote individuals’ intellectual property rights.

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