Legislation strengthened to build a socialist law-governed state of Vietnam

(VOVWORLD) -  Vietnam is implementing the Strategy on building and fine-tuning the Vietnamese socialist law-governed State by 2030 and Orientation to 2045. In this effort, the Vietnamese legislature has focused on coordinating and modernizing the legal system to make it more transparent, stable, and internationally competitive. It has also centered on the people’s legitimate interests and innovation to ensure rapid, sustainable national development.

In its effort to build and fine-tune the legal system to develop a state of the people, by the people, and for the people, the National Assembly has developed a legal foundation to better define state agencies’ role, position, function, task, and authority in exercising the rights to legislation, execution, and justice on the principle of ensuring the unity, delegation, coordination, and control of state power. The NA has created a legal system to ensure the exercise of the function of the State and handle the relation between the State, market, and society. The State focuses on macro management, improving the building of institution, strategies, plans, and programs, fine-tuning the legal system to delegate power and build a democratic, law-governed, professional, modern, pure and strong state administration that serves the people.

The National Assembly has continued to reform its activities to fulfill its mission as the supreme representative of the people and the supreme agency of state power. The legislature has improved its performance and promoted democracy, legitimacy, and professionalism in all activities including building laws, deciding major national matters, and exercising supreme oversight.

It has strengthened the mechanism of oversight and evaluation of officials elected or approved by the National Assembly and People’s Councils, and set up and coordinated the oversight systems between the NA and People’s Councils with those of the Party, the Fatherland Front, social organizations, and the people.

The NA has built and fine-tuned laws on human rights and citizen rights toward ensuring direct democracy, representative democracy, and grassroots level democracy. It has created a legal foundation to realize provisions of the 13th National Party Congress that aim to enable the people to oversee and benefit toward the motto “people know, people discuss, people check, people oversee, people benefit”. It has developed and strengthened the oversight system of the people and created a legal system to give people power to ensure that state power belongs to the people.

The NA has mechanisms to listen to the people and considers serving the people the supreme requirement in all activities of the NA, NA agencies, and NA deputies. Legislative activities aim to liberate people’s potential and strength toward promoting but saving people’s resources. The NA is fine-tuning laws on human rights and citizen rights under the 2013 Constitution.

The NA has also completed legislation to strengthen industrialization and modernization on the foundation of science, technology, and achievements of the 4th Industrial Revolution, promote innovation, maximize benefits and minimize risks of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and harmonize the relationship between economic development, social equality assurance, and environmental protection.

The NA has created a legal foundation to promote international integration with roadmaps and conditions suitable to Vietnam’s conditions and goals in each and every period. It has localized and harmonized international treaties and commitments that Vietnam has signed and actively and responsibly participated in building international treaties.

As a result, Vietnam has moved from just participating in international affairs following external rules to being a player who contributes its part to building the rules based on practices in Vietnam.

The National Assembly has reformed and expanded democracy in the law building process to make the laws more feasible, relevant, and science-based. It has ensured transparency and democracy in receiving and replying to the opinions of the public, agencies and organizations in building and appraising laws.

The NA has built laws to regulate advocacy activities in law building to ensure objectivity, transparency, and strict oversight, an important, effective way to expand democracy in Vietnam’s legislative activities.

Drastic reform of legislative activities and improving the role of the National Assembly are the foundation for fine-tuning the legal system to successfully build a socialist law-governed state in Vietnam.