Vietnam works with ASEAN countries to revive tourism

(VOVWORLD) - Vietnam and ASEAN countries are working together to revive tourism and find a common solution for all countries.

Vietnam works with ASEAN countries to revive tourism - ảnh 1Scenic spots of ASEAN countries (photo: visitasean)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the number of tourists coming to ASEAN countries plunged sharply. In 2020 ASEAN received 28 million visitors (down 80.7% from 2019) and earned 43 billion USD from tourism (down 75%). Last year the pandemic’s impact on tourism was even more severe, with the number of international arrivals dropping 90% and tourism revenue down 94% compared to 2020.

At the 56th online roundtable ASEAN National Tourism Organizations in early July, ASEAN tourism officials agreed to strengthen coordination to revive the region's green economy under a plan approved earlier this year. The ultimate goal is to restore the number of tourists to pre-pandemic levels.

Vietnam works with ASEAN countries to revive tourism - ảnh 2Participants at the 56th online roundtable ASEAN National Tourism Organizations in July, 2022 (photo: Vietnam National Administration of Tourism)

Countries will jointly implement the ASEAN tourism marketing strategy for 2021-2025 with 3 pillars: building a more attractive Southeast Asian tourism brand; focusing on a group of markets and targets; and effectively implementing promotion and advertisement.

ASEAN countries have agreed to develop a broad range of tourism products and marketing campaigns, improve tourism standards and connectivity, and apply digital technology to give customers easier access to information. ASEAN authorities will work with dialogue partners and international organizations to facilitate travel.

Vietnam, as Vice Chairman of the ASEAN Comprehensive and Sustainable Tourism Development Committee, is chairing the project "Festival tourism products." Vietnam plans to organize a regional workshop and conduct a festival survey in 2023 with the theme “Festival tourism.”

To comprehensively and sustainably develop ASEAN tourism, the Institute for Tourism Development Research of Vietnam is implementing a project to encourage localities and the private sector to participate in ASEAN tourism development.

Deputy Director General of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism Ha Van Sieu said project implementation in Vietnam will include a workshop on "Initiatives to increase the participation of the private sector in the development of community tourism" training courses on tourism activities, and developing community tourism products associated with craft villages.

In 2022, the Pacific Asia Tourism Association (PATA) has cooperated with Vietnam to successfully implement two projects: "Revival of tourist destinations" in Quang Nam province and "Elephant tourism” in Dak Lak province. The World Tourism Organization provides Vietnam technical support in planning, promoting, and organizing international events.

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