MuzikDapDich – online challenge increases donations to local food bank

(VOVWORLD) - 3,500 videos, 32 million views, and millions of interactions on Facebook – these numbers are about the influence of MuzikDapDich, an online charity challenge to support a local food bank initiated by a group of local artists called SpaceSpeakers. In just one week, this challenge attracted song writers Ho Hoai Anh and Luu Thien Huong, rappers Suboi, LK, Binz, Karik, and Rhymastic, and singers Soobin, JustaTee, and Tien Tien.  
A piece of beat produced by SpaceSpeakers was viral on the Internet in August. Young participants were asked to rap, sing, dance, remix, or whatever they loved to do to demonstrate their personalities and styles as long as it was about the COVID-19 fight. Each of the 100 entries sent to SpaceSpeakers raised 100 kilograms of rice for the needy. 
MuzikDapDich – online challenge increases donations to local food bank - ảnh 1Each video in response to "MuzikDapDich" increases 100 kilograms of rice to the local food bank. (Photo: SpaceSpeakers)

Jason Dang - CEO of SpaceSpeakers Label talked about their goals, “SpaceSpeakers is a musical organization. Our strength is music. So we use music to deliver messages of the goods. This is a golden opportunity for artists to show off their talent and at the same time sending support to those in need in Ho Chi Minh City. After receiving first 100 videos, we sent 10 tons of rice to the local branch of the Vietnam Fatherland Front. Vaccines can protect your body from the virus Music is the vaccine for your soul, keeping you mentally resilient in this pandemic time.”

MuzikDapDich – online challenge increases donations to local food bank - ảnh 2Spacespeakers' representatives symbolically present rice to the local branch of the Vietnam Fatherland Front. (Photo: SpaceSpeakers)

This challenge not only enticed over 50 prominent artists but young rappers like Gonzo, 16Typh, MCK, Tlinh, Thành Draw, and G Ducky, young singers like Charles, Kim Chi Sun, Vu Thanh Van, K.O, and CODY, dancers, DJ/producers, and instrumentalists playing their violins and guitars.     

In his video, rapper Binz is seen wearing a face mask while singing: "Just stay at home with the guitar, don't go out or you will face complaints..."

Meanwhile, singer Tien Tien composed a song about longing to meet her friends during lockdown.

In his song, singer Soobin Hoang Son told his fans to keep online negativity at bay.

MuzikDapDich – online challenge increases donations to local food bank - ảnh 3Singer Soobin Hoang Son

Rapper Rhymastic was the mastermind behind the challenge’s name “MuzikDapDich”, which literally means “Stamping Out COVID With Music”. He was also the first artist on the mic for this challenge.

He said, “I took the inspiration for the name from our proverb “habit cures habit” and then modified it a little bit to make it rhythmic and trending. In ‘MuzikDapDich’, you heard the syllable ‘Dịch’. The first ‘Dịch’ comes from ‘music’ which heals our soul, bonds us together, and inspires optimism, unity, and strength. And the second ‘Dịch’ comes from the Vietnamese word ‘Đại dịch’, or the pandemic in English which is causing us distress and social distancing. We use music as our weapon for, not a single individual, but every one of us to be a fighter in this pandemic.”   

MuzikDapDich – online challenge increases donations to local food bank - ảnh 4Rapper Rhymastic comes up with the name "MuzikDapDich" from an ancient proverb. (Photo: SpaceSpeakers)

Gonzo, a rising star in the rap scene, was delighted to participate in this challenge. He said, “Arts and music, in particular rap to me, helps us discover the beauty of our lives. The panic caused by this pandemic is gripping our souls. That’s why we need music to relieve the negativity and turn our faces toward the sun.” Gonzo’s rap encourages us to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Shout out to all the artists from “MuzikDapDich”, whose music reminds us to exercise regularly, follow the 5K message, stay at home, cook and clean our houses, update news on mainstream media, and much more.

“MuzikDapDich” is a testament to how music does wonders for our lives. Mainstream, underground, indie, classical, or non-professional, it doesn’t matter what you do. A rapping soldier? Oh amazing! It doesn’t matter what musical genre you choose, either. Violin over a hiphop beat? Still a smooth blend! Music has no barriers at all. These artist nailed it as they aimed for the common goal: aid for the needy and a healing therapy for stress-free soul.  

MuzikDapDich – online challenge increases donations to local food bank - ảnh 5The challenge draws the likes of prominent and young artists. (Photo: SpaceSpeakers)

Let’s end this story with a wish from rapper Rhymastic for all the frontline workers and the heroes in this tremendously difficult time: We will soon beat the coronavirus and get back to our loved ones. 

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