New orientations for Son La tourism

(VOVworld)- Visitors to the northern province of Son La are always impressed by the magnificent mountains and the unique cultural traditions of different ethnic minority groups. Son La’s tourism sector has been busy diversifying its tourism products to include resorts and various exploration, culture, festival and waterway tours.

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Nguyen Thao Trang, a tourist from Hai Phong city says she is very interested in exploring Son La province. Though she has visited the province several times, each time is a new experience. She is interested in learning more about historical sites and cultural traditions of the Thai ethnic people and touring the Da river, which she says makes her feel completely relaxed. "My job gives me opportunities to visit different places. I have visited several provinces in the northwestern region, but, I like Son La most. It’s very beautiful and Son La people are very hospitable. I believe everyone will want to come back to Son La after their first visit", said Trang.

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Located 300 km from Hanoi, Son La province boasts especially beautiful landscapes thanks to a diversity of terrain, a system of magnificent caves, primeval forests, imposing waterfalls, large reservoirs, superb valleys and open hot springs. The Moc Chau Plateau with a moderate climate all year round has become a particular favorite with visitors. Son La province is famous for several historical relics, 10 of them ranked as national relics including Son La prison, King Le Thai Tong’s Inscription Stele, the place where President Ho Chi Minh met local people, the monument to young volunteers at Co Noi T junction, the Muong Va waterfall and Moc Chau plateau. Son La is the only province in Vietnam that has more than 2,000 village art troupes involved in tourist activities. Quang Van Huong, Vice Chairman of the Son La Provincial People’s Committee says: "We have integrated art performances and tourism promotion programs into our regular political activities such as ceremonies and meetings. This will help promote culture and tourism in the province", said Huong.

Despite its relatively rapid growth, Son La’s tourism has not matched its potential due to weak investment in infrastructure and lack of coordination with other localities. By focusing on diversifying tourist products, and promoting the tourism market and events, the province hopes to develop tourism into an economic spearhead sector by 2015. Mai Thu Huong, Director of the province’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism says: "Son La is part of the tourism route in the northeastern and northwestern region. We will cooperate with other provinces in the region to promote our tourist attractions and potential. We will publish more documents about the province’s tourism and will try to develop our image and brand name".

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In recent years, the number of visitors to Son La has grown rapidly. Last year, the province received more than 400,000 domestic and foreign tourists  and earned more than 200 billion VND.

Lan Anh