Developing countries urge more climate funds

(VOVWORLD) -Developing countries delivered a message that more funds are needed to combat climate change as they met at the preparatory talks for the UN Climate Change Conference 2022 (COP27) in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Tuesday.

Developing countries urge more climate funds  - ảnh 1 Delegates of pre-COP27 talks pose for a photo in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Photo: Reuters.

The host country set the tone for the talks, saying that poor countries should be given more favorable conditions to access financial resources as well as a solution to balance environmental protection and economic growth.

Environment Minister Eve Bazaiba said Africa faced a "dilemma" between exploiting its resources and going hungry. "What should we do in this circumstance, let our children and small children die of hunger?" she asked. "As much as we need oxygen, we also need bread".

The Minister voiced her optimism that the Democratic Republic of Congo, Brazil and Indonesia share their views at COP27. The three countries have planned to coordinate their stances and actions in climate negotiations on shared interests like financial access and carbon price increase.

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