International Labor Day marked worldwide

(VOVWORLD) - Crowds of people around the world on Wednesday marked International Labor Day on Wednesday.

International Labor Day marked worldwide - ảnh 1Russians march on International Labor Day on May 1, 2019, in Moscow. (Photo: 

Thousands of people participated in meetings and peaceful parades along streets in central Moscow. They raised banners in praise of international workers’ solidarity and a democratic, socialist, fair, and prosperous Russian society.

In Paris, clashes erupted between demonstrators and police as thousands of people used the annual International Labor Day rally to protest President Emmanuel Macron's economic policies. Labor unions and "yellow vest" protesters were on the streets on Wednesday, days after President Macron announced a response to months of street protests that included tax cuts for middle-class workers worth around five billion euros (5.6 billion USD).

The South Korean Confederation of Trade Unions hosted a marathon in Seoul for 10,000 runners, while 25,000 protesters took to the streets near City Hall.

Tens of thousands of Indonesian workers gather in Jakarta to stage a peaceful demonstration.

In the Philippines, 8,200 people demonstrated peacefully for higher wages.