“Mr. Nishino should look at himself first before commenting on others,” says coach Park

(VOVWORLD) - Coach Park Hang-seo responded to Nishino’s criticism on Bui Tien Dung blaming him for intentionally buying time in the Vietnam-Thailand match.
“Mr. Nishino should look at himself first before commenting on others,” says coach Park - ảnh 1

The Vietnam national team began training on Tuesday to prepare for 2 matches against the UAE (Nov 14) and Thailand (Nov 19) in the World Cup 2022 qualifiers. Hanoi players will be summoned later because of their run in the National Cup.

Before the training session, Park Hang-seo talked to reporters in a short interview.

“SEA Games draw is our concern. We must play 5 matches in group B which consists of many strong teams. One match is also a burden for us.

For the national team, we are fighting harshly for the top spot. Thailand and the UAE are both strong. Vietnam will be under a lot of pressure despite our home advantage. But, we will do our best.”

Regarding SEA Games regulations allowing two over-22 years old players to participate in the games, Park said: “There are only 20 names on the list, including 18 players and 2 goalkeepers. So my priority is to boost the weakest position of U22. I want a senior player who could play well in many places and jhas good resistance.”

Asked about two overseas Vietnamese players Filip Nguyen and Alexander Dang, Park said: “ Filip Nguyen is still completing the procedures and I don’t know how the process is going on.  Meanwhile Alexander Dang might not help much for the team because he has language barrier and has to catch up with the team’s playing style."

Coach Park Hang-seo disclosed the reason for naming Tran Dinh Trong on the list at SEA Games 30: "Currently, Dinh Trong is on the team list. He is improving from his injury. I want to put him on the list and check his performance and his recovery progress. His doctors will explain his situation more clearly. But, it’s not the final list. We still have time to review and decide."

When asked to comment on Thai coach Akira Nishino’s criticism against Bui Tien Dung saying he deliberately bought time in the Vietnam-Thailand match, Park said: "I have heard that Thailand coach criticized Bui Tien Dung. But I think that as a head coach, we should be careful when commenting on opposing players. We need to look at ourselves first before criticizing others. In King's Cup, many Thai players play badly. I never teach my players to do so. We never accept such actions.”.