National Defense Committee comments on Constitutional revisions

National Defense Committee comments on Constitutional revisions - ảnh 1

(VOVworld) - The National Assembly’s National Defense Committee convened its 7th session in Hanoi on Wednesday to comment on constitutional amendments. They discussed Chapter 4 on “National defense”, which emphasized that defending the socialist Vietnamese homeland and maintaining national security is the work of the entire people. In regards to Article 70, which stipulated that the people’s armed forces owe absolute loyalty to the Communist Party of Vietnam, the nation and people, General Phung Khac Dang, Vice President of the Vietnam War Veterans’ Association, said: “I propose to stipulate that people’s armed forces must be absolutely loyal to the fatherland, the people and the Communist Party of Vietnam. We have the fatherland and the people and on the foundation of the fatherland and the people, we have the Party. I think we should change the order of the words”.

General Le Van Hoang, a Political Commissar of the General Department of Logistics, proposed to erase the word “gradually” in Article 71 which says the Vietnam People’s Army is built into a regular, combat-trained and gradually modernized army. “The Constitution is valid for a long time, so we should develop Vietnamese people’s army into a professional, elite and modern force, because some military services have become modern. In the near future, if it’s possible we move forward to modernity, capable to defend the nation”, said Mr. Hoang.

At the meeting, the delegates commented on the revised draft of the ordinance on the management and use of weapons, explosives and supportive tools.