Pilot: Lightning causes deadly Aeroflot crash

(VOVWORLD) - Pilot Denis Yevdokimov told Russian media on Monday that the Sukhoi Superjet-100 lost communication and needed to switch to emergency control mode because of lightning during an Aeroflot flight to Murmansk. 

Pilot: Lightning causes deadly Aeroflot crash  - ảnh 1 The Aeroflot aircraft bursts into flames on May 6, 2019 after making an emergency landing at Moscow's busiest airport, killing 41 people.

(Photo: Tatyana Makeyeva/Reuters)

He said the pilots managed to restore radio communication on an emergency frequency, but the link was only for a short time and kept cutting out.

Russian Transport Minister Yevgeny Dietrich said 41 bodies were recovered after the crash. 33 passengers survived the incident.