Thailand: low turnout of voters

(VOVworld) - The general election in Thailand on Sunday saw a low turnout of voters because millions of people were obstructed by anti-government protestors to show up to cast their ballots.
Unofficial statistics show that a 45.8 percent of 44.6 million pf eligible voters turned up. Secretary General of the National Election Commission, Puchong Nutrawong, said the figures excluded voters in 9 provinces where the voting was canceled.
More than 10,000 polling stations in 18 provinces could not open on Sunday due to protestors’ obstruction or the lack of votes and electoral staff. Almost all of these polling stations are located in Bangkok and the south which is considered the Democrat Party base.

Thailand: low turnout of voters - ảnh 1

Meanwhile the Democrat party said it will submit a petition to the Constitutional Court of Thailand to reject the election results and urged Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to remove the emergency law which has been imposed prior to the election.