Ukraine’s ruling coalition disbands

(VOVworld) – Members of parliaments from Ukraine’s “Self-help” party decided to exit the ruling parliamentary coalition.

Ukraine’s ruling coalition disbands  - ảnh 1

The faction’s head Oleg Berezyuk told a press conference in Kiev on Thursday that the ruling coalition, formed one year ago with the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, has broken up, losing the majority vote. He added that all faction members would step down from parliament, noting that the decision was made after the latest developments when Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseyuk’s government survived a no-confidence vote on February 16.
According to Oleg Berezyuk, the Ukrainian people have witnessed an overt collision between the leadership of the country, on one hand, and oligarchs and forces in the parliament controlled by them, on the other.
He said the formation of a union includes part of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc’s faction, People’s Front and remnants of the Party of Regions, controlled by several oligarchs. Such actions de-legitimize the Ukrainian government, represent an attempt at the country’s political system and completely destroy the ruling coalition.