Founder of start-ups honored with Outstanding Young Faces Award

(VOVWORLD) - Le Anh Tien, CEO of Vietnam Chatbot Technology Joint Stock Company, has been declared one of ten winners of the 2019 Vietnam Outstanding Young Faces Award. Tien is the founder of a number of start-up projects. 
Founder of start-ups honored with Outstanding Young Faces Award  - ảnh 1

Le Anh Tien, one of  2019 Vietnam Outstanding Young Faces. (Photo:

Vietnam Chatbot was established in 2017, providing chatbot solutions on popular computer messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Zalo, and Viber. Chatbots let users search for information and services and shop online on messaging platforms without having to log on to an e-commerce website.

Le Anh Tien and his colleagues developed a product called Botbanhang, which, after a 3-year trial, has become a leading chatbot marketing and sales platform.

“We wanted to create a tool that promotes interaction between vendors and customers. It delivers benefits to customers while helping businesses boost their sales,” said Tien.

Botbanhang is now used by more than 13,000 enterprises, attracting more than 10 million users from Vietnam, Taiwan (China), the US, South Korea, and Japan. After COVID-19 broke out, Le Anh Tien’s company released a chatbot app related to the epidemic called the Online Healthcare System. Tien says his chatbot app is quite different from the Ministry of Health’s app.

“Our chatbot transmits up-to-date COVID-19 information to users around the world. The app provides the current number of infections, number of deaths, and number of recoveries for each country with reported COVID-19 statistics. It also includes advice for protecting yourself against COVID-19 and latest information from official sources,” he said.

The app is currently used by more than 14,000 people.

Le Anh Tien graduated from the University of Science and Technology Da Nang. Majoring in electronics and telecommunications, Tien participated in 20 research projects which won him multiple awards in science contests.

Tien’s "MultiGlass for people with disabilities" is one of his most impressive inventions. Seeing the difficulty the disabled have using computers, Tien and a friend came up with the idea of creating smart glasses that help these people control computers by moving their heads.

The same product integrates a siren which can help a driver avoid a traffic accident due to fatigue or distraction by sounding an alarm whenever the glasses are turned away from the road ahead for more than a few seconds.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Van, Head of the Rural Youth Department of the Vietnam Youth Union, said: “Tien is a role model for young people who want to start a business. Their innovations can help solve the problems currently facing the nation”.