Vietnam International Book Fair: A knowledge festival

(VOVworld) - Visiting the Vietnam International Book Fair, readers can admire decades old printed editions and buy rare and authentic books at 50 percent cheaper than the original prices. The Fair, which closes on Friday, is a reading festival of publishers and book lovers.

Entering the main lobby of the Vietnam International Book Fair this year, readers will be impressed by two big Typo printers from the resistance war with letters neatly arranged behind, one paper cutting machine that was used by the National Library from 1917, and a vintage typewriter.

Vietnam International Book Fair: A knowledge festival - ảnh 1
A Typo printer

The main attraction is of course the book shelves from a variety of publishers. Thanh Hien is a student of the Trade University. "I love reading. The culture of reading should be widely promoted especially in families and schools. The Fair is inspires the culture of reading in society", says Hien.

During the week long Book Fair, readers can buy books at discount prices of less 20 to 50% and get bonus gifts from the publishing houses. It’s one of the reasons attracting Thanh Hien and many other students to the Fair. "I’m very happy coming here. I used to buy books at small shops for discount prices, but the quality was not so good. Here they have numerous authentic English books for different ages."

For senior readers, they prefer specialized books on cultural and philosophical issues. 76-year-old Nguyen Huu Khuong lives on the outskirt of Hanoi. He came to the Fair in the early morning to find his favorite books on eastern culture. Khuong says: "I have never missed a Book Fair. I found some books that I couldn’t find elsewhere. I’m very glad that this is a venue of various sorts of books that I want to read. Reading is a hobby of old people."

Vietnam International Book Fair: A knowledge festival - ảnh 2

56-year-old Nguyen Truong Vy is happy with the printing quality. "This year’s Fair is good. Books are nicely printed and have good cover designs. More young people spend more time reading. There are many topics to suit their taste such as culture, tourism, and cuisine…"

The Kim Dong Publishing House has introduced a number of children book collections on history, culture, and folklore.  Pham Thi Thanh Huong is Head of the Marketing Office of Thai Ha joint-stock book company. "Thai Ha company has book titles on economy, parenthood, and religion, and books for students and children.  Here we introduced approximately 1,000 book titles. Our book shop also sells books of other publishing houses and stationery items."

The fair has 160 booths selling 30 million books of 82 book distribution companies and publishing houses inside and outside the country including the Cuban Book Institute, the Asia – Pacific Publishing Association, and the Southeast Asian Publishing Association. Alain Rey Gouzalez, a representative of the Cuban Book Institute, says this is the first time the Institute participated in the Fair. "We bring here books on Cuba’s politics, customs, and legends. We have a saying that reading is to mature, and if a person wants to mature, he should read as much as possible. The Fair has successfully introduced books of both Vietnamese and foreign publishers," says Alain.

Many visitors want the Fair to be opened annually, not twice a year as at present. It’s an opportunity for them to approach good books and meet with well-known writers and criticizers. The event has been a cultural highlight promoting the reading culture in the capital city this week.

Lan Anh