VOV’s mission to honor President Ho Chi Minh to the world

(VOVWORLD) - In anticipation of President HCM’s 130th birthday on May 19th, many stories of his life and career are being released in Vietnam and on international media. For the Voice of Vietnam (VOV), honoring President HCM is not only for this special occasion.
VOV’s mission to honor President Ho Chi Minh to the world - ảnh 1

Over the past 7 decades, VOV has deemed it an important task to tribute President Ho Chi Minh, who inaugurated the national broadcaster. 5 days after reading the Proclamation of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on September 2, 1945, President Ho Chi Minh issued a Directive on the establishment of VOV, the free voice of an independent state.

The National Declaration read by President HCM in Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi was translated into English, French, and Cantonese and broadcast on VOV’s first overseas program.

Since then VOV has continued to broadcast information about President Ho Chi Minh’s life and career, his leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, and national achievements of the Vietnamese people.

Nguyen The Ky, a member of the Party Central Committee and VOV President, said: “VOV has thoughtfully and creatively disseminated President HCM’s life and work to foreign friends. VOV’s stories about President HCM are not forceful propagation, but a natural communication of an ideology, lifestyle, compassion, and morality.”

VOV’s mission to honor President Ho Chi Minh to the world - ảnh 2 VOV President Nguyen The Ky.

With dedicated reporters, and a full range of media platforms – radio, television, print and online – along with a network of overseas bureaus, VOV is proud to be the main communication outlet for the Party, State, and government, particularly in external communications.

Reporter Nguyen Thuy Van, who worked at VOV’s bureau in France, said: “We covered all events such as meetings and seminars to honor President HCM organized by the Vietnamese Embassy and the Association of Vietnamese in France. We also organized visits to places where President HCM had been to.”

Of all VOV’s work, it’s a mistake to ignore VOVWorld (VOV5), the only media organization in Vietnam that is running broadcasts and a website in 13 languages. With the biggest number of foreign language programs, VOV5 is the main channel honouring President HCM to the world. It aims to make people better understand his contributions to Vietnam’s revolution and other nations’ struggles for peace, independence, democracy, social advancement, and international solidarity.

“On VOV5’s channel, honoring President HCM is a regular work, not only on special occasions. We talk about him on our daily radio programs as a leader who always stayed close to the people and made great contributions to Vietnam as well as other nations’ struggle for independence and democracy," said VOV5 Director Nguyen Tien Long.

"President Ho Chi Minh passed away a long time ago, but he has always remained in the heart of foreign friends worldwide. His image is fresh and lively in VOV’s programs over the past 75 years.”

With profound respect for President Ho Chi Minh, VOV has been and will continue to promote and honor him and his great contributions to Vietnam and the world.

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