International friends remember President Ho Chi Minh

(VOVWORLD) - President Ho Chi Minh created a good impression on the international community, particularly in places he visited.

International friends remember President Ho Chi Minh - ảnh 1Egyptian Ambassador Mohab El Samra 

Many Egyptians know about Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh. Egyptian Ambassador Mohab El Samra said that thanks to President Ho’s leadership, Vietnam has created miracles. He said: “President Ho Chi Minh is a symbol of encouragement and a great influence on movements of national liberation in African countries like Egypt, and other nations. Many struggles for liberation took “Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh” as a flag to follow.”

Nuri Abdel, Chairman of the Asia-Africa Solidarity Committee is proud to have met President Ho in China in 1950. According to Mr. Abdel, the most impressive thing about President Ho was his outstanding leadership that remained modest and close to the people. He said: “I have met many influential leaders, but President Ho Chi Minh was the No.1 leader after World War II with the victory of the Soviet Red Army. He devoted his life to the struggle for national liberation, but had a very simple life and always loved the people.

International friends remember President Ho Chi Minh - ảnh 2Nuri Abdel, Chairman of the Asia-Africa Solidarity Committee  

President Ho Chi Minh made a historic 10-day visit to Indonesia 61 years ago to lay the foundation of diplomatic relations between the two countries. During this visit, President Ho Chi Minh received honors by the Indonesian government, including an honorary doctorate degree and the Guerrilla Order. There are pictures of Ho Chi Minh’s schedule in the tradition room of Padjadjaran University. Prof. Dr. Rina Indiastuti, Rector of the University in Bandung City is very proud of these precious documents.

“On March 2, 1959, President Ho Chi Minh came to Bandung City, visited Padjadjaran University, and received an honorary doctorate degree in Law. Indonesia, particularly the University of Padjadjaran, had the great honor of giving this title to President Ho Chi Minh for fighting for Vietnam's independence and for leading his country to independence and territorial integrity," said Prof. Dr. Rina Indiastuti. 

Vietnam is now known for its rapid development and strong expansion in the wider world. Ho Chi Minh's 130th birthday on May 19 is an opportunity for international friends to express their admiration of Vietnam’s great leader and his thought on national liberation, reunification, and socialist construction.

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