Muong Nhe district works to ensure social security

(VOVWORLD) - Muong Nhe in Dien Bien province is one of the 62 poorest districts in Vietnam. Thanks to efforts by the central Government and local authorities to reduce poverty, people’s lives are improving.
Muong Nhe district works to ensure social security - ảnh 1 A corner of Muong Nhe district. (Photo: Ngoc Anh/VOV5)

Located 200 km northwest of Dien Bien city, Muong Nhe district has 11 communes, mostly inhabited by Mong, Ha Nhi, and Thai minority people.

With few roads or significant resources, Muong Nhe’s economy is underdeveloped.

But since Project 79 to ensure national defense and security in Muong Nhe was launched in 2012, things have begun to improve.

Vui Van Nguyen, Chairman of the district People’s Committee, said, “Under Project 79, 94% of households have received financial support and investment has been made in 80 infrastructure works. Although profits have lagged behind expectations, the project has stabilized local security and given the villagers adequate housing, land for production, and food sufficiency.”

“It has mobilized investors, mainly commercial banks, to build more than 1,149 houses and provide 2,200 USD each to repair existing houses. Other development programs include a support program for fast, sustainable poverty reduction in 61 poor districts, a program for the most vulnerable communes in ethnic minority and mountainous areas, and national target programs on new-style rural areas, which have provided 16 million USD worth of seedlings and breed animals, agricultural machinery, and fruit trees,” said Nguyen.

Muong Nhe district has worked hard to improve agriculture and forestry, expand vocational training, and build transportation and communications infrastructure.

“Thanks to small business operations, our life is better than in the past. The state has supported villagers like me with seedlings and cattle. I hope more investment will be made in an irrigation system to help our economic development,” said Sung A Khoa, a Mong who lives in Nam Ke hamlet 2.

Over the past decade, Muong Nhe has created jobs for more than 7,000 people. It gives social welfare allowances to about 500 people each month and subsidizes electricity bills for more than 30,000 poor households and social policy beneficiaries. More than 43,000 people have been given free health insurance. 76% of the residents of ethnic minority communities now have access to safe water.

Muong Nhe district works to ensure social security - ảnh 2 Nam Ke hamlet in Muong Nhe has received greater investment in infrastructure. (Photo:

Lo Van Vanh of Phieng Vai hamlet says a number of household economic models have proved profitable and been expanded to supplement state support.

“Many households now have savings from raising pigs, buffaloes, and cows. People in Phieng Vai hamlet strongly believe in growing orange trees and raising pigs since the state invested in breed stock, and vaccinations. Each year we harvest around a ton of oranges,” said Vanh.

“My family is farming, raising fish, buffaloes and cows, and growing fruit trees. There are 2 households raising porcupines in the district. We now have 20 porcupines. My family’s income is stable,” he added.

Thanks to these initiatives, Muong Nhe’s poverty rate dropped from 74% to 59% in five years. Two communes have been recognized as new-style rural areas.