PM asks to stabilize macro-economy, control inflation

(VOVWORLD) - Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has asked ministries, agencies, and localities to boost production and trade and overcome difficulties to achieve rapid, sustainable socio-economic development. 


PM asks to stabilize macro-economy, control inflation - ảnh 1PM Pham Minh Chinh chairs the government's meeting for January. (photo: VOV)

At the government’s monthly meeting on Thursday, Prime Minister Chinh said resources should be concentrated on 3 growth drivers, which are consumption, investment, and export.

He said: “Macroeconomic stability must be maintained along with controlling inflation, promoting growth, and ensuring major economic balances. To this end, we need to ensure balance and harmonization of 4 major issues, between exchange rate and interest rate, growth and inflation, monetary and fiscal policies, and the domestic and global situation. Inflation control should concentrate on food, foodstuffs, and construction materials."

"Efforts should be made to prudently manage the prices of state-managed goods from the beginning of the year, ensure supply and demand of essential commodities, help businesses reduce input costs, and exempt taxes, and simplify administrative procedures,” stressed the Prime Minister

PM asks to stabilize macro-economy, control inflation - ảnh 2The government's January teleconference with localities (photo: VOV)

He asked ministries and localities to closely follow global economic developments, forecast global trends, and recommend appropriate countermeasures. Monetary policy should be implemented proactively, flexibly, and effectively in combination with monetary, fiscal, and other policies.

He asked for the guarantee of liquidity and safety of credit institutions and monetary security, to promote appropriate credit growth targeting production and priority areas, enhance non-cash payments, remove difficulties for the real estate market, prioritize capital for good projects, transparent and efficient enterprises, effectively mobilize and use social resources, and promote public-private partnership.

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