Vietnam’s 2nd COVID-19 vaccine ready for human trials in March 2021

(VOVWORLD) - The Institute of Vaccines and Biological Medical (Ivac) is likely to carry out its COVID-19 clinical tests on human in March 2021, said Institute  Director Duong Huu Thai. 
Vietnam’s 2nd COVID-19 vaccine ready for human trials in March 2021 - ảnh 1

Thai told local media recently that the COVID-19 vaccine produced by Ivac has proved its safety and effectiveness on animals.

The Institute is expected to submit a final clinical trial dossier in December and is scheduled to begin human trials in March next year, said Thai.

“Our vaccine is in the research stage, without specific results to ensure it is 100% successful, but we are confident it is,” affirmed the Ivac Director.

A total of three Vietnamese vaccine producers, Ivac, Vabiotech, and Nanogen, have completed the relevant COVID-19 vaccine production process at a laboratory scale and are now evaluating the vaccines’ safety and immunity on animals.

Nanogen alone is working together with the Military Medical Academy to recruit volunteers for the first phase of clinical trials which will run on Thursday.

If the clinical tests are successful, Nanogen’s vaccine will be commercially marketed in four months’ time.

The company is expected to produce up 20 million doses every month.

Nanogen’s vaccine is said to cost 5 USD for one shot, and a person needs a two shot regimen which is effective against COVID-19.

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