VFF, VOV to continue co-organizing futsal tournaments in 2019

(VOVWORLD) -Leaders of the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) and the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) reviewed national futsal tournaments in 2018 and map out plans for 2019 at a conference in Hanoi on Friday. 
VFF, VOV to continue co-organizing futsal tournaments in 2019 - ảnh 1 VOV President Nguyen The Ky

They agreed to create stronger social effects and increase sharply the prize money. Last year 90,000 spectators watched 105 matches of the Futsal HDBank National Championships in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh and 15,000 matches of the Futsal HDBank National Cup in Quang Ninh. More than 650,000 people viewed the matches on Youtube, VFF Channel, and the tournament’s Facebook page, in addition to viewers of VTC3 or VTCNow App. VOV President Nguyen The Ky told the conference: “I call on VOV’s affiliates to learn from experience to make the futsal tournament a success in 2019 by doing better communication job and working closer with the VFF and the sponsor HDBank. This year’s prize money will increase, at least two folds, and be distributed in various categories. It’s more important that the number of spectators should be higher than in the past two years.”

Le Khanh Hai VFF President and Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism praised the contributions of VOV and sponsors to futsal competitions and expected for better coordination in 2019, the 3rd year of their joint organization of futsal tournaments. 

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