14th National Assembly’s accomplishments

(VOVWORLD) - National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan delivered a report reviewing the 14th National Assembly tenure at its last meeting in Hanoi on Wednesday. The report said the Assembly obtained important legislative results and achievements of parliamentary diplomacy. These accomplishments have highlighted 35 years of national renewal and the National Assembly’s 75 years of development.
14th National Assembly’s accomplishments   - ảnh 1The 14th National Assembly convenes its 11th session, the last session of the 14th  tenure, on March 24, 2021. (Photo: VNA)

The 14th National Assembly was elected by the voters on May 22, 2016. Over the last 5 years, the Assembly has served as the highest representative of the people through difficult regional and global complications crises and the steady evolution of Vietnam’s status and strength.

Representing the people’s will and aspirations

As the highest representative of the people and the highest State agency of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the 14th National Assembly has manifested great national unity, innovation, renewal, flexibility, prudence, and resolution and has resolutely borne its responsibility to act in the interest of the people and the State. By successfully advancing a heavy legislative agenda, deciding vital national issues, and staying active in foreign affairs, it has raised Vietnam’s status internationally.

Chairwoman Ngan said, “The National Assembly bases its decisions on the people’s will and aspirations and the nation’s needs and interests in order to advance socio-economic, defense, security, and diplomatic matters and strengthen national renewal, construction, and defense.”

The 14th National Assembly passed laws to institutionalize Party guidelines and orientations and clarify the 2013 Constitution. 72 laws and legal documents were adopted which will have a wide impact on Vietnam’s socio-economy.

The 14th National Assembly has also carried out 7 oversight programs on socio-economic development. “Q&A” sessions have drawn close public attention.

14th National Assembly’s accomplishments   - ảnh 2National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan (Photo: VNA)

Making prompt decisions in the national interest

The 14th National Assembly took into consideration tasks and resources when making socio-economic development plans for the 2016-2020 period and for each year.  

It ratified the mid-term public investment plan and the 5-year fiscal plan from 2016-2020 to conserve resources, reduce public debt, and ensure budget sustainability. Monetary and fiscal policies were carefully considered to minimize losses and quickly recover production and trade.

“The National Assembly set guidelines for national projects that are key to Vietnam’s economic development, like the construction of sections of the North-South highway, sub-projects of the Long Thanh International Airport construction project, and the master plan and guidelines for the National Target Program of socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountain areas from 2021-2030. These are especially important policies to promote the internal strength of ethnic groups for sustainable development,” Chairwoman Ngan said.

Promoting external relations

The 14th National Assembly has pursued major diplomatic efforts and overseen the implementation of international agreements that Vietnam has signed.

It played an active role in shaping rules, protected national strategic interests related to security and development, and contributed initiatives to regional and global inter-parliamentary forums on peace, stability, dialogue, and cooperation.

In the spirit of strengthening and deepening relations with partners, neighbors, and countries that play an important role in Vietnam’s development, the National Assembly has worked to foster friendly relations and cooperation with 180 countries and been proactive in many inter-parliamentary organizations and forums.

The 14th National Assembly has reformed its own activities, enhanced internal unity, and upheld the spirit of making people the focus, being close to the people, and listening to, understanding, and respecting the people. The voters’ support and trust are what motivate and encourage the National Assembly deputies to fulfill their tasks.