2019 Defense White Paper: Vietnam prioritizes peace, stability, safety

(VOVWORLD) - The 2019 White Paper on Vietnam’s National Defense makes clear Vietnam’s military policy serving as an official document introducing Vietnam’s defense external relations, defense education, the Party’s military guidelines, and the State’s defense policy. The paper clarifies the nature of Vietnam’s national defense.
2019 Defense White Paper: Vietnam prioritizes peace, stability, safety - ảnh 1Vietnamese Deputy Defense Minister Nguyen Chi Vinh introduces Vietnam's 2019 Defense White Paper 

According to the White Paper, Vietnam’s investment in defense will be proportional to national economic growth and Vietnam will not pursue an arm race. The White Paper also reveals that Vietnam’s budget for defense accounted for 2.36% of the GDP last year. The White Paper stated says Vietnam’s defense policy is to be resolute and persistent in solving all disputes and disagreements by peaceful means based on international law and implementing the motto of defending the country with a clear vision and being prepared to repel an invasion.

2019 Defense White Paper: Vietnam prioritizes peace, stability, safety - ảnh 2

Transparent policy

The White Paper reflects Vietnam’s stance, assessment, and forecasts of the global situation and provides a basic view of Vietnam’s defense policy and the organization, history, and capability of the Vietnam People’s Army. Information released in the White Paper 2019 demonstrates the transparency of Vietnam’s defense policy in order to promote understanding and trust by the Vietnamese people and other countries. The White Paper affirms Vietnam’s determination to expand cooperation, strengthen international defense integration with other countries and organizations and settle emerging security issues to promote peace, stability, and development cooperation. Amidst complications in the region and the world which are affecting Vietnam’s defense and security, Vietnam is determined to maintain a defense policy of peace and self-defense and resolutely and persistently settle disputes and disagreements with other countries by peaceful means in line with international law. Vietnam aims to boost its defense strength, particularly its army which is capable of deterring and defeating all invasions and wars.

Peace and self-defense

According to the White Paper, the Vietnam People’s Army will be given the necessary resources to ensure national defense and safeguard national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, national interests and socialism. Vietnam will accelerate international integration and defense external relations, seek long term solutions to disputes through peaceful means, in order to maintain peace, stability, development, and prosperity in the region and the world. In  the White Paper, Vietnam affirms its defense policy of peace and self-defense, not forming military alliances with other countries, not aligning with one country against another, not allowing foreign military bases on Vietnamese soil, and not using force or threatening to use force in international relations.

The White Paper also makes clear Vietnam’s stance of respecting the independence, sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity, and interests of other countries in line with international law and requesting other countries to respect Vietnam’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, Constitution, and law. Vietnam resolutely and persistently settles disputes by peaceful means in line with international law and norms and will take necessary measures for self-defense and to protect its sovereignty, territory, and interests. The White Paper affirms the absolute and direct leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam in national defense and the People’s Army.

The publication of the 2019 Defense White Paper reflects Vietnam’s wish and determination to bolster friendship and cooperation with other countries on the basis of mutual respect for peace, national independence, democracy and social progress. The ultimate goal of the Paper is to make clear Vietnam’s defense policy to strengthen trust between Vietnam and other countries.