An ecosystem to protect children in cyberspace

(VOVWORLD) - During the COVID-19 social distancing, children used the internet much more than usual. Many bad actors tried to access online classes and posted malicious content to cause panic among students and parents. An ecosystem is needed in which children can have healthy, creative interactions on the internet.
An ecosystem to protect children in cyberspace - ảnh 1

The Vietnamese Party and State consider protecting and caring for children a fundamental part of Vietnam’s human development strategy. The protection of children in cyberspace is an element of the 2016 Law on Children, the 2016 Law on Information Access, the 2015 Law on Information Security, the 2018 Law on Cybersecurity, and many decrees and  circulars.

The Ministry of Information and Communications recently set up a Compiling Committee and an Edition Group to design a project to protect children and help them have healthy, creative interactions in cyberspace in the 2020-2025 period. The project will protect children’s personal information and privacy rights when accessing information and participating in activities on the internet. The project will encourage Vietnamese technology companies to develop applications and products that ensure safe interactions.

During social distancing, localities and educational institutions organized classes on the internet and TV which proved to be great source of educational materials but also a source of problems. The protection of children in cyberspace will be the task of a network of agencies, social organizations, and internet service providers.

Le Hoang Loan, Head of the Children Protection Program of UNICEF in Vietnam said: “We have universalized computer science at school but we have not taught students how to use the internet safely. It would be easy to include such lessons in the current curriculum.”