Attempt to sabotage Party congresses

(VOVWORLD) - Party committees at all levels are preparing to hold congresses ahead of the 13th National Party Congress. Subversive forces are attempting to sabotage and distort the goals, ideology, path to socialism, socialist-oriented market, prestige, the leadership, and personnel work of the Communist Party of Vietnam. They want to reduce the prestige and destroy the achievements of the Party and State of Vietnam and eliminate the role of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Today we will highlight Vietnam’s efforts to fight these attempts to sabotage Party congresses.

Party committees nationwide will organize their congresses for another 5-year tenure next year. Political drive is of great importance to the Party, army, and public. Preparing good political reports and personnel work will ensure the success of Party congresses at the grassroots level and of the National Party Congress.

Thorough preparation for personnel

Last October, Sub-Committees on Documents, Socio-economics, Party regulations, Personnel, and Logistics were established to prepare for the 2021 National Congress. The sub-committees headed by Politburo members or Party Secretariat members have held meetings to agree on major agenda.

Party committees have been preparing personnel since the beginning of the current tenure. A list of candidates for the next Party Central Committee has been approved by Party committees. The Party member hopefuls have been provided with necessary training and challenged through different jobs at various levels. All Party committees have paid special attention to personnel preparation which has strengthened public trust in the Party.

Distortions cannot weaken the Party

So far, preparation of documents and personnel for the 13th National Party Congress has been on track. This preparation has been widely publicized to the Fatherland Front and other socio-political organizations. The draft Political Report and personnel preparation for Party Committees will be made available to collect public feedback.

The Communist Party of Vietnam is a well-organized system from the central level to the grassroots levels. Preparation for the congresses is made systematically. Attempted distortion on the internet, social networks, and other forums has not undermined the Party’s prestige. Good preparation for the Party congresses at all level will help the Communist Party of Vietnam enhance its fighting spirit and strengthen national unity and public trust in the Party.