August Revolution- Victory of national unity

(VOVworld)- The victory of the August Revolution on August 19, 1945 marked a milestone in Vietnam’s history. One of the lessons learned from the August Revolution was the importance of promoting national unity. This lesson was applied in Vietnam’s struggles against the French and Americans and in national construction, renovation and integration.
August Revolution- Victory of national unity - ảnh 1
The August Revolution began at Hanoi Opera House on August 19, 1945

Great unity resulted in victory

90-year-old Vu Oanh, former Politburo member and former Secretary of the Party Central Committee, attended the Tan Trao National People’s Congress 70 years ago. According to Mr. Oanh, the August Revolution of 1945 was of great importance. With only 5,000 members at that time, the Communist Party of Vietnam, through the Vietnamese Independence Front League, mobilized 20 million Vietnamese people to join the revolution. National solidarity was reflected vividly at the National People’s Congress held days before the general uprising. Under President Ho Chi Minh’s chairmanship, the Congress gathered delegates representing different political parties, social organizations, ethnic minority groups and religions from the northern, central and southern regions and overseas. They overwhelmingly approved the Party’s idea of launching a general uprising and set up the Vietnam National Liberation Committee, the provisional government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam headed by President Ho Chi Minh. Mr. Vu Oanh said:“The Tan Trao National People’s Congress was a Congress of National Unity. Representatives from Hanoi and other localities as well as overseas Vietnamese attended the event. By upholding the motto “Unity, unity, great unity, success, success, great success”, President Ho Chi Minh mobilized the entire people to join the revolution and make it a success”.

The victory of the August Revolution was the great victory of the national liberation struggle under the outstanding leadership of the Party and President Ho Chi Minh. The Communist Party of Vietnam with the August Revolution united Vietnamese people throughout Vietnam without discrimination of ethnicity, religion, and class. The revolution reflected the strength of Vietnam and of national unity. Associate Professor and People’s Teacher Le Mau Han said:“The revolution reached its climax after Japan took control of Vietnam over France. President Ho Chi Minh closely followed developments in Vietnam. He mobilized people into the Vietnam Independence League and into the Communist Party of Vietnam. He said this was a revolution of all people. Upholding the national liberation flag, President Ho Chi Minh encouraged everybody, workers, farmers, intellectuals, and middle class people, to participate in national liberation activities of the league”.

United in national construction and defense

Former President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Pham The Duyet said under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh, the Vietnamese nation united all classes and social strata to create a combined strength to make the August Revolution and the national struggle against the French and Americans a success. In the face of attempts by hostile forces to sabotage Vietnam using talk about human rights, ethnicity, and religion to disrupt national unity, Duyet said, it’s necessary to continue promoting solidarity: “The Party and the Party Central Committee need to set an example of unity to encourage the public to unite under the Party’s leadership to complete national industrialization and modernization”.

Lai Hoa