Central region boosts tourism cooperation

(VOVWORLD) - Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has asked the central and Central Highlands region to boost regional cooperation to develop tourism. Speaking at a conference last week, the Prime Minister said tourism should be promoted to drive the regional economic development.
Central region boosts tourism cooperation - ảnh 1Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaks at the event (Photo: VNA) 

The central and Central Highlands region has 19 provinces and cities, 24 million people, 1,900 km of coastline, beautiful beaches and bays, and 12 airports including 5 international airports. It also has 14 world heritages and 40 special national heritages. Last year, the region welcomed more than 58 million visitors including 9.5 million foreigners.

Regional tourism development

Despite significant revenue from tourism, the region has not reached its full potential because of inefficient tourism investment plans and policies. The Prime Minister asked the region to promote clusters of tours like resort tours, tours of cultural and historical relics, and tours of sea and islands, tours of heritages, mountains and caves. Mr. Phuc said: "A cluster of tours involves different features - natural landscapes, relics, catering, accommodation, and entertainment services. We should also call for investment from the finance, banking, insurance, and health sectors. What I mean here is that you should focus on all factors at the same time instead of simply exploiting natural tourism resources.”

Mr. Phuc also urged the region to change its ways of promoting tourism and tourism products focusing on local specialties to boost local people’s livelihood: “In addition to introducing local products, local culture should also be promoted. Localities in the central and Central Highlands region have their own cultural identities. There are many heritages and relics in the region, each of them is unique. Priority should also be given to homestay services to help tourists get to know the local culture while at the same time generating incomes for the locals.”

Private sector encouraged to engage in tourism development

As 80% of visitors to the region arrive by air, there should be incentives to encourage more private investment in tourism development here, said Doctor Tran Du Lich, Chief of the Central Coastal Development Connectivity Consultancy Group: “The private sector plays an important part in boosting tourism development. If the cooperation between private enterprises and the public is strengthened, tourism will grow.”

Phuc noted that Vietnam has waived visa for tourists from 24 countries and territories and is issuing e-visas for tourists from 46 other nations. The PM said he had just signed a decision to grant e-visas to 34 more countries.

Last year, the region earned 4.75 billion USD in revenue, 19 percent of Vietnam’s total tourism revenue.