Electoral campaigns, a test of candidates’ competence and virtue

(VOVWORLD) - The National Election Council on Tuesday announced a list of 868 candidates for the 15th National Assembly. Candidates’ election campaigns began the same day and will end the day before the election day, May 23. The Vietnam Fatherland Front has worked with People’s Councils to organize events where candidates can meet the voters.
Electoral campaigns, a test of candidates’ competence and virtue - ảnh 1A poster on the NA elections at Dong Mac crossroad  (Photo: Hoang Hieu/VNA)

Voters nationwide will elect 500 of the 868 National Assembly candidates on May 23. Until then the candidates will be meeting with voters to inform them of their plans if they are elected.

Democratic election

Vietnamese law says face-to-face meetings with voters must be democratic, transparent, and fairly. Candidates can also campaign on mass media.

Le Ba Trinh, former Vice President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, said meetings with voters are tests of the competence and virtue of the candidates, who should be close to the people, listen to the people, and have the people’s trust.

“Candidates must show their competence and responsibility in their action plans, what they will do if they are elected. Each candidate must convince the voters of their ability to keep their promises,” said Trinh. 

Le Nhu Tien, former Vice Chairman of the National Assembly's Committee for Culture, Education, Youth and Adolescents, said candidates must persuade voters to vote for them. Their action plans should include solutions and policy recommendations for local and national development.

Mr. Tien suggests that candidates present a sincere, modest, and wholehearted attitude to voters.

Electoral campaigns, a test of candidates’ competence and virtue - ảnh 2Mong women read list of voters who will cast their ballots at the elections of the National Assembly and People's Councils for the 2021-2026 term. The list is made public at Lan Thung Cultural House, Phuong Giao commune, Vo Nhai district, Thai Nguyen province.(Photo: Minh Duc/VNA)

Representing the people

Voters nationwide expect that members of the National Assembly and People’s Councils be active and responsible representatives, who embody a spirit of “doing whatever benefits the people, no matter how difficult it is.”

Voter Nguyen Tam Trinh of Dong Da ward, Hanoi, said, “They should present what they aim to do if they are elected. We’ll consider whether they are able to fulfill their aims and realize the voters’ wishes or not.”

Voter Chu Van Phuong of Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province, said, “I want to hear the candidates’ action plans and promises and their determination to carry out their plans. Voters will closely watch the candidates and their actions.”

Transparent election campaigns help voters learn about the candidates in order to vote wisely for qualified people to represent them at the highest legislative agency of Vietnam and at local agencies.
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