Environmental protection ensured in Son La’s coffee production

(VOVWORLD) - Coffee production, especially the processing steps, is likely to cause water pollution. To deal with the problem, Son La province has implemented several measures to protect water resource and ensure environmental protection in coffee processing.
Environmental protection ensured in Son La’s coffee production - ảnh 1Environmental protection is ensured in Son La’s coffee production (Photo: baotainguyenmoitruong.vn)

Coffee growers in Son La province have in recent years formed groups to process coffee instead of  working individually in an effort to protect the environment. Bui Cong Thanh ò Hung Nhan hamlet has a factory that can process 10 tons of coffee a day.  Thanh says that 10 cubic meters of water used for processing produces 12 cubic meters of waste water. In 2015, he built 2 tanks with a capacity of 17,000 cubic meters to treat waste water and prevent it from contaminating the soil.

Previously, waste water and coffee cherry skins were discharged after processing. But now Thanh uses new technology to compost waste water and cherry skins to make bio-fertilizer. Thanh says this protects the environment, cut fertilizer costs, and improves the quality and value of his products.

Thanh said: "We use bio-fertilizer composted from waste water and cherry skins to reduce costs, make the coffee trees stronger, and improve the quality of our coffee beans. With this method, we have reduced our costs and joined the circular economy."

Son La province has 17,000 ha of coffee, mostly in Mai Son and Thuan Chau district, and Son La city. This year, the province expects to harvest 30,000 tons. There are 4 coffee processing plants and hundreds of household workshops in the province, who all have signed commitments on environment and water resource protection.

Dang Ngoc Hau, Vice Chairman of the Son La provincial People’s Committee, said: "The provincial People’s Committee has asked  local districts, particularly Mai Son, Thuan Chau district and Son La city, to strengthen inspection and instructions on environmental protection at small production workshops."

With its strengthened efforts to ensure environmental protection in coffee production, Son La province is expected to increase the productivity, quality, and value of its coffee products.