For the ultimate goal of serving national interests

(VOVWORLD) - National Assembly deputies elected a new State President and a new Prime Minister on Monday. With the election of a new National Assembly last Thursday, all the top positions in the State apparatus for the new term have been filled. 
For the ultimate goal of serving national interests - ảnh 1The 11th session of the 14th National Assembly (Photo: VGP)

Consideration, dismissal, election, and approval of the top leaders in the State apparatus realizes the resolution of the 13th National Assembly.

Solidarity strengthened to overcome difficulties

In their swearing-in speeches, the leaders of the State, the government, and the National Assembly acknowledged the lessons and achievements handed down by their predecessors, calling them valuable preconditions for continuing and fulfilling their goals.

To overcome the difficulties and challenges they will face, the leaders emphasized the importance of national unity. They said national achievements should not be measured only by economic growth and statistical success in containing the COVID-19 pandemic but also by national solidarity and patriotism. One lesson shown throughout Vietnam’s history is that whenever the country is in difficulty, national unity, the will for national independence, the desire for justice, and the love of peace of millions of Vietnamese people proves to be a great source of strength.

The leaders pledged to promote solidarity, listen to people’s opinions and aspirations, and fulfill their assigned tasks for the sake of the nation’s interests and the happiness of people.

At his swearing-in ceremony on Monday, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc said: “To Vietnamese people inside and outside the country: the Party and State always stand beside the people to achieve successful production and business, to nurture children’s dreams and aspirations to go far, to bring a meaningful and happy life to the elderly, and to encourage people’s aspiration for devotion and creativity.

Public trust

National Assembly deputies say the newly-elected President, Prime Minister, and NA Chairman have much experience in important positions, a crucial advantage for leading the country.

Ngo Duy Hien, NA Deputy for Hanoi, said: "I believe the new leadership is capable of leading the country to realize the national aspiration of becoming a strong and prosperous country. The leaders are experienced, dynamic and resolute, and have a strong sense of responsibility. I believe that with the resolution of the 13th Party Congress clearly identifying a path for the nation to move forward and with an enthusiastic and dedicated leadership, Vietnam will overcome all difficulties and realize its goal of becoming a socialist-oriented developed country by the middle of the 21st century."

Voters have expressed confidence that the top leaders will fulfill their tasks, keep their oaths, rally the combined strength of the nation, and adopt more effective policies to boost national growth.