Ho Chi Minh’s thought on personnel work

Ho Chi Minh’s thought on personnel work - ảnh 1
(VOVworld)- President Ho Chi Minh once said “Personnel work is the root of all works”, “The revolution needs to take care of that root to become successful”, and “Personnel work decides the failure and success of all works”. The President wanted to emphasize the importance of personnel training and management, especially among Party members in national construction and defense. Ho Chi Minh’s thought on personnel work remains valuable

President Ho Chi Minh always paid special attention to personnel training and mentoring. According to President Ho Chi Minh, leaders decide the failure and success of all movements.

Personnel training to enhance national development

Le Xuan Bich, who has years studied President Ho Chi Minh over the past 40 years, said Ho Chi Minh’s thought emphasizes that training, using, rotating, challenging and allocating human resource needs to be based on the requirements of the work so that each person’s abilities and strengths can be exploited. Applying Ho Chi Minh’s thought, the personnel work of the Communist Party of Vietnam focuses on human resource training. Mr. Bich said:“Leaders and officials need to follow President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings on being industrious, thrifty, upright, public-spirited and selfless in serving the nation. Each person needs to strive forward and be supported by organizations and other people”.

A resolution of the 6th Plenum of the 11th Party Central Committee said that officials decide the success and failure of the revolution as well as the fate of the Party, the nation and the regime. Planning and preparing human resources, especially at the strategic level, is of great importance. Party organizations have become more aware of the important role of human resource training in national industrialization and modernization. The rotation of officials between central and local level is done in conjunction with human resource training courses for officials at the strategic level to improve their political stance and practical experience. Doctor Nguyen Trong Phuc, former Director of the Party History Institute said:“According to President Ho Chi Minh’s testament, personnel work is the origin of all works and personnel training is the fundamental work of the Party. The personnel work needs to focus on training and mentoring officials to create favorable conditions for the nomination, utilization and rotation of officials”.

Selecting personnel worthy of the people’s trust

The recent plenum of the Party Central Committee adopted a number of criteria for members of the next Party Central Committee, the Party Politburo, and the Party Secretariat. In his closing speech, party leader Nguyen Phu Trong said that senior officials must be professionally talented and morally sound without political agitation, excessive ambition for power, or special interests. A lecturer at the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration Bui Dinh Phong said:“President Ho Chi Minh said it’s crucial to build good criteria and those with negative behavior should be discarded immediately. This will help the Party win the people’s trust.”

The application of personnel criteria approved by the recent Party plenum will be a key factor in ensuring social consensus and the Party’s leadership in Vietnam’s construction and defense.