Motivation created to boost recovery and development

(VOVWORLD) - The 15th NA wrapped up its 2nd session last week after 16 days. A number of important decisions were made at the meeting to create a motivation for Vietnam’s economic recovery and development.
Motivation created to boost recovery and development - ảnh 1
The 15th National Assembly convened its second meeting for 16 days

Flexible, creative organization of NA activities

At this meeting, the NA and its agencies have optimized the meeting time to complete its agenda. Many ways were found to make online discussions more efficient. NA deputies were divided into 73 discussion groups. At meetings in localities, NA deputies invited leaders of the local administration and sectors and other experts to further discussions. NA deputies increased their contributions. 3,000 opinions were shared at 8 rounds of group discussions, and 500 rounds of NA deputies spoke at 16 plenary sessions.

The deputy delegation of HCM City attended online while other deputies met in person. For the first time, deputies used e-voting. This was not just an adaptation to the pandemic situation. It also served as a test for future online meetings of the NA.

NA deputy Trinh Thi Tu Anh of Lam Dong province said, 'The meeting was a success. Despite the pandemic, our meeting was safe and successful. We made good preparation for the meeting. Handouts were sent to deputies on time and logistics like IT and transmissions line were well-prepared. Much attention was paid to medical activities to ensure attendees’ safety.'

The success of the preparations demonstrated the creativity, flexibility, and adaptability of the leaders of the NA and the NA Standing Committee.

Major decisions for economic recovery and development were made

The NA made a number of major decisions to recover and develop the economy. They approved resolutions on the Socio-Economic Development Plan for 2022 and the Plan for Economic Restructuring in 2021-2025. The NA approved a Plan for National Land Use until 2030 with a Vision to 2050 and a 5-year Land Use Plan for 2021-2025. The NA stressed the importance to seize all opportunities to recover and develop the national economy and boost the development of all sectors and localities while maintaining long-term growth. The NA asked the government to develop and implement socio-economic recovery and development plan with effective, feasible solutions.

The NA prioritized safe adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic and protection of people’s health. It directed the government to quickly adopt and implement the Master Plan on Pandemic Prevention and Control and  develop scenarios to prepare for more complicated situations.

At a Q&A session with the Prime Minister and other government officials, the fight against COVID-19 and economic recovery were discussed in great detail. NA Deputy Nguyen Tri Thuc of HCM City said, 'I’m impressed with the chairmanship of the meeting. All discussions were clear, detailed and time-efficient. Deputies’ questions were specific and practical and covered voters’ concern. The cabinet members’ answers were clear.'

The success of the second session of the 15th NA reflects a legislature that is accelerating renovation and focusing on the people and business in all decisions about national development.